Portugal Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Portugal Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Written by on July 5, 2022

Only eight nations have won the World Cup. After the elite eight: Germany, France, England, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, and Italy, there are a handful of teams that have come close to winning a WC but have never lifted the trophy. Among those handful of teams, few have come as close to winning a World Cup without going home with the hardware as Portugal. Will the Portuguese move to the knockout stage? Does Ronaldo and his mates offer fair odds to win the World Cup? Check out Portugal’s FIFA World Cup Odds analysis and a Round of 16 prediction.  

Portugal Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Portugal Odds to Win the FIFA Qatar World Cup

  • Portugal +1200

For all of Portugal’s soccer might, the European nation has never finished better than third at the World Cup. The third place finish happened in 1966, the year England beat West Germany to win their only World Cup.

Portugal finished fourth in 2006. But outside of the third place finish in ’66 and the fourth place in 2006, the best Portugal has done is move to the Round of 16.

This year, Portugal has a dynamite team, which is one of the reasons they’re a second-tier favorite, along with Germany and the Netherlands, to lock down the World Cup title. 

It will be tough to beat Brazil or France. Those two WC powers are loaded at every level. But the English are playing terrible soccer at the Nations League. Also, Portugal is as good as Argentina.

So at the +1200 odds, the Portuguese are worth a look to become the ninth nation to win a World Cup trophy. 

Why Portugal will move to the next round

Few teams boast as deep of a World Cup squad as Portugal. Portugal is loaded. Ronaldo is 37, yes, but the Portuguese have talent well past Ronaldo. 

Bruno Fernandes is one of the world’s best midfielders. Many believe Pepe is one of the best defenders in history. Andre Silva and Diogo Jota have turned into quality strikers. 

Why Portugal won’t move to the next round

Cohesive teams move to the knockout stage. Team that don’t play well together fail to make it to the Round of 16.

Although Portugal has talent at every level, the talent hasn’t come together well enough for the Portuguese to finish first or second in their group. 

Ronaldo, Silva, Jota, and Fernandes are used to being the main focus when they’re on the pitch. Unless Portugal’s teamwork takes the next step, the squad won’t make it out of Group C.

Final Analysis – Portugal is the Group H favorite

Group H consists of Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea and Ghana. Among the four teams, Portugal, no doubt, is the nation to beat. Uruguay is a solid second choice while South Korea and Ghana are underdogs to finish in the top two. 

Even if all of Portugal’s stars fail to play together during the group stage, the Portuguese should win the group. No team is as deep in Group H as Portugal.

Almost as important is the fact that Portugal has three leaders, Ronaldo, Fernandes, and Pepe at every level. Talent is one thing. Talent and leadership is another.

Be surprised if Portugal doesn’t win Group H. The Portuguese head to Qatar one of the World Cup’s most talented and deepest teams. Portugal should have no trouble moving to the knockout stage. 


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