2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update Top Germany Moments at the WCs

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update: Top Germany Moments at the WCs

Written by on September 19, 2022

Although under the radar for this year’s 2022 Qatar World Cup, only Brazil has more WC victories than Germany. The Brazilians have won five WC trophies. Germany has won four. The Germans have had so many famous moments at the World Cup that it’s going to require a couple of blogs to list the top ten. Check out the first five in the ten greatest moments in German World Cup history so you can continue betting against the FIFA World Cup Odds.  

Top Germany Moments at the FIFA World Cup Events Part 1 | Soccer Betting Analysis

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Thomas Muller shows up disrespectful Maradona in a match versus Argentina

Great German player Thomas Muller was 20 in 2010. Although considered one of the up and coming best players in the world, Argentina skipper Diego Maradona labeled Muller a ball boy

Maradona even refused to share the stage with Muller in a press conference before the two nations quarter-finals match. Heading into the semis, Argentina was considered one of the favorites.

The Argentinians had won their group matches by a combined 7 goals to 1. Maradona’s group had beaten Mexico 3-1 in the knockout stage.

All Muller and Germany did in the quarters is dominate Argentina 4-0. The thrashing was so pronounced that Diego stepped down as Argentina’s manager two days later. 

East Germany takes on West Germany in 1974 and then played together in 1994

East Germany, the Soviet Union backed communist nation on the other side of the Berlin Wall, competed in a single World Cup, the 1974 tournament that just so happened to take place across the wall in West Germany. 

East Germany won the match 1-0. The game is notable more for the political overtones than anything else. East Germany sent just 1,500 fans. Both sides were nervous on the pitch. 

20 years later, East German players and West German players stepped onto the pitch for the first time together at the 1994 World Cup. Four years earlier, the wall had fallen and since 1990 the two sides had become one Germany. 

Gerd Muller nets 2 straight hat-tricks

Only Brazil’s Ronaldo has scored more World Cup goals than Gerd Muller. One of the greatest players in history, Muller broke onto the international scene at the 1970 World Cup.

Muller scored his first goal in a 2-1 victory over Morocco. But the way Muller performed in Germany’s next 2 World Cup matches is why many consider Gerd the greatest player in German history.

Versus Bulgaria, Muller was unstoppable, scoring 3 goals, a hat trick, in Germany’s 5-2 victory. In the Germans’ next match, Muller blasted Peru with 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. Germany cruised to a 3-1 victory.  

Germany ends England’s World Cup dreams in 1990 on penalties

Germany’s top two World Cup rivals are England and Argentina. In 1966, England won their lone World Cup over the Germans. 

Germany exacted revenge four years later in 1970. But it was the more recent win over the English in 1990 that stings the British more than any other. 

The English really believed they had a chance to win the Cup. England marched to the semifinals for the first time since the 1966 tournament. 

Germany, though, had other ideas. The Germans had lost the 1986 World Cup to Maradona and Argentina. In 1990, Germany was focused. 

England and Germany played to penalties where the Germans prevailed. Germany would then go on to win the 1990 trophy. 

Gerd Muller leads Germany to a win over Poland in 1974

Back in 1974, there was no knockout stage or quarterfinals. Group winners went directly to the semifinals, which is why Muller’s goal versus Poland rates in the top ten.

Poland and Germany were natural soccer rivals. The two nations share a border. In 1974, Poland and Germany were tied in their group.

The Great Gerd knocked in the loan goal to send Germany to the semis. Germany would eventually win their first World Cup since 1954.


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