FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction Brazil Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Brazil Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

Like in most World Cups, the Brazilians are this year’s favorites. Qatar is a long way from South America. So, maybe, that is the reason Brazil is only a +450 chalk. But in any case, the Brazilians will head to the Middle Eastern nation with pressure on them to win. Does Brazil offer fair odds? Will Brazil win Group G? Is there a possibility the great Brazilians finish third in their group? Check out a Brazil odds analysis as well as reasons why Brazil will win their group and reasons why they won’t so you can plan your bets against their FIFA World Cup Odds.  

Brazil Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Brazil Odds to Win FIFA World Cup

  • Brazil +450

When handicapping Brazil’s odds, we must look at a few teams. England is at +550. So is France.

Spain is fourth choice at +800 while Argentina is at +900. So if you like Brazil to win the World Cup over those four teams, then the Brazilians offer fair odds to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

But if you believe England, France, Spain, or Argentina has as much of a shot to win the World Cup as the chalk, then +450 makes Brazil an underlay.

So what you must do is consider how Brazil stacks up against their competition. France and England should be very good. So should Spain and Argentina.

But no team has as much depth as Brazil. Also, The Brazilians should handle Qatar’s heat better than England, France, or Spain. Finally, when it comes to the elite eight, the only eight nations that have won the World Cup, Brazil has won more WCs than any other country. 

Don’t let Brazil’s low odds talk you off them. All things being equal, is the best team in this year’s WC. So if you like Brazil to win this year’s World Cup, go for it.   

Why Brazil will move to the next round

Brazil will not only bring one of the most talented teams in World Cup history to the pitch, but the Brazilians also drew against teams they should have no trouble dominating.

Cameroon, Switzerland, and Serbia are decent soccer squads. You don’t qualify for the World Cup unless you have a decent team. 

But none of the three matches up well with Brazil. Expect the Brazilians to roll to the knockout stage. 

Why Brazil won’t move to the next round

So much hype surrounds Brazil that the team may either land in Qatar overconfident or they might end up folding under the pressure.

Not only that, but even though Brazil is ridiculously deep, they struggled at the Copa America in 2021. Argentina easily handled Brazil in the championship match, Neymar didn’t look like himself, and Richarlison made some mistakes.

In addition, because most of Brazil’s players kick soccer balls for UEFA League teams, the squad won’t have as much time to play together as many of the other teams.  

Final Analysis – Will Brazil win Group G?

Brazil has no business finishing second in Group G. The other three teams just aren’t as talented as the Brazilian side. 

In fact, we should be surprised if an opponent scores a goal against Brazil during group play. So pencil in Brazil to make it to the Round of 16. 

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