Horse Racing Odds to Win the 2016 Belmont Stakes

Horse Racing Odds to Win the 2016 Belmont Stakes

Written by on June 10, 2016

Whether you’re a casual thoroughbred racebook bettor that only likes to wager on each of the three legs of the annul Triple Crown or whether you’re an avid horse racing aficionado that is as experienced as they come, you should know that the length of the annual Belmont Stakes has often wreaked havoc on colts that aren’t accustomed to the 1 ½ mile brawl for it all, thus affecting the horse betting lines. This expert look at the 2016 Belmont Stakes and how the length of the race could come into play this year will give horse racing bettors across the globe some expert insight into just which thoroughbreds will handle the track at Belmont and which ones could cross the finish line at a virtual snail’s pace. Okay, let’s get started.

Closer Look at the Horse Racing Odds to Win the 2016 Belmont Stakes & TV Info

When: June 11, 2016-05- 27 Where: Belmont Park Race Track, Elmont, NY TV Schedule: NBC 5-7 PM ET

Current Odds to Win

  • Exaggerator 11-10
  • Suddenbreakingnews 13-2
  • Cherry Wine 15-2
  • Stradivari 15-2
  • Destin 10-1
  • Brody’s Cause 12-1
  • Lani 12-1
  • Unified 14-1
  • Creator 20-1
If you saw the 2016 Preakness Stakes, then you already know that 2016 Kentucky Derby winner and Preakness favorite Nyquist came up short in his bid to take the first two legs of the Triple Crown, mostly because jockey Mario Gutierrez opened up his prized thoroughbred far too early. That decision ultimately cost them immensely as Nyquist faded down the stretch in a big way to finish third behind Exaggerator and Cherry Wine. With the Belmont Stakes being the longest of the Triple Crown races at 1 1/2-miles, thoroughbreds with extraordinary stamina are the best picks to win. “This is a stepping stone up, and not every horse is bred to go that far,” says Martin Panza, senior vice president of racing operations at the New York Racing Association, which runs Belmont Park. Belmont’s size has an effect on the riders’ strategy, too. “Ordinarily, when they come around the far turn, that’s a good time to ask your horse to start to put in his maximum effort,” says Teresa Genaro, who writes the blog Brooklyn Backstretch. “If you do that in the same spot on the track here as you do at other race tracks,” Genaro says, “you’re still half a mile from the finish line — and you’re gonna use up your horse. And they’re probably going to run out of energy and speed before they get to the finish line.” Last but not least, the track at Belmont is often described as ‘sandy’ and apparently, those in the know say that is makes winning the Belmont Stakes even more difficult. “This track is a lot sandier than most tracks,” says Panza. “We get a lot of rain here, and there’s humidity. Therefore we use a much sandier mix” — hence the park’s nickname, the Big Sandy. “It’s part of the equation, and it’s probably stopped some horses from winning the Triple Crown,” Panza says.