MLB News & Rumors: All-Star Game Moved to Colorado

MLB News & Rumors: All-Star Game Moved to Colorado

Written by on April 6, 2021

The 2021 MLB season has begun with the hopes that we can get through it all without any stoppages or major issues brought on by the pandemic. There have already been a couple of issues, though, as well as some controversy, both of which we will touch on here. We are also seeing early injuries that could have serious repercussions for a team or two. As far as things go on the field, it is still much too early to really get into it. Some of the early favorites have come out cold, while huge underdogs are off to a fast start. This is common and we can expect it all to level out soon enough. For now, let’s talk about the latest news and rumors in MLB so you can keep betting against their MLB odds.

Latest 2021 MLB Betting News & Rumors Apr. 6th Edition

The one piece of news that has been dominating the headlines over the past couple of days is the league’s decision to strip Atlanta of the All-Star Game this season. We are not going to get into the politics of the whole thing, but MLB decided to move the game after Georgia added new voting laws that many people tool offense to. It did not take long for the decision to be made and the game moved to Colorado. Some are claiming that it was a rash move, and that MLB should have allowed the dust to settle before pulling the trigger, but the decision has been made.

Now that the COVID vaccine is becoming more readily available, people seem willing to jump the gun and get back out there right away. That was very much on display in Texas with the Rangers home opener, where over 38,000 jammed into Globe Life Field. Texas has allowed businesses to operate at full capacity for a little over a month now, and while reports suggested that fans were required to wear face masks to the game, video clearly showed that very few were paying attention.

The impact of COVID-19 is already being felt in the MLB, with the Washington Nationals yet to play a game because of issues with the virus in their clubhouse. They are expected to get the ball rolling with a double-header against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, but they are already behind the 8-ball in the early going. Despite all of that, many players across the league are still saying that they are not interested in getting the vaccine, which is seen by a lot of fans and media as a strange stance to take since not being vaccinated could have an adverse impact on the season.

We close out this week’s news and rumors with some disappointing news out of San Diego. Fernando Tatis Jr. just got done signing the largest contract in MLB history this past offseason, but he is now down for the count with a partially dislocated shoulder. Tatis has had shoulder issues for most of his career and left a spring training game last month after feeling discomfort in his shoulder. This, though, appears to be much more serious, and while no timeframe for his return has been given, the general consensus is that it could be a while.


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