One Week to Go for MLB Playoffs: Who's in, Who's Out?

One Week to Go for 2023 MLB Playoffs: Who’s in, Who’s Out?

There is just one week left in the Major League Baseball Regular Season. After this week, we will see the postseason begin.

We expect a great postseason, but before we get to it, we need to figure out who will play in the postseason. As we start the final one weeks, let’s take a look at what teams are in the MLB playoffs and what teams are out.


One Week to Go for MLB Playoffs: Who’s in, Who’s Out? | MyBookie MLB Regular Season Preview

2023 Major League Baseball season | 123rd edition of MLB baseball in the United States
2023 MLB postseason: October 3rd – November 4th, 2023


National League Teams In

Atlanta Braves 
With 99 wins, the Braves are going to get to 100. With four more wins, they will seal the deal for the top spot in the National League. The Braves continue to hit for average and power and have enough pitching to get the job done in the postseason.

Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers came into Sunday Night Football with a chance to get their 96th win. The Dodgers are pretty locked in at the #2 seed but still with an outside chance of the top seed. They would need some hot play and some struggles from the Atlanta Braves. The Dodgers, with Freddie Freeman as the offense’s leader, will be a tough team to beat in postseason play.

Milwaukee Brewers
Head into Monday, the Brewers will need just one win or a Chicago Cubs loss, and they win the National League Central and lock up the third seed in the postseason race. The Brewers have seen their rotation throw great, so look for them to be tough to out in the postseason.

Philadelphia Phillies 
The Phillies need just a couple more wins this season to lock up the fourth seed. Philadelphia has won five straight games heading into the final week of the season. Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber, and company will look to repeat as National League Champions.

Arizona Diamondbacks
As we head into Monday, the Diamondbacks were the fifth seed but just ½ game ahead of Chicago and 1.5 up on the Marlins. Arizona lost a couple of games over the weekend but bounced back with a win on Sunday. Zac Gallen has MVP-type numbers, so he would get the game one start if Arizona could set it up as they preferred. Arizona is at the White Sox and then with the Astros this week.

Chicago Cubs
The Cubs need a big weekend, and they got it. Chicago was able to sweep the Colorado Rockies in three games and remain a game up on the Marlins. The Marlins own the tiebreaker, so the Cubs will need to make sure they finish at least a game ahead to get into the postseason. The Cubs are at the Braves for three and then at the Brewers for three.


National League Teams Out

Miami Marlins
As mentioned, Miami starts the week as a game behind the Cubs for the third National League Wildcard spot.

Cincinnati Reds
After blowing a huge lead on Saturday, the Reds had to get Sunday. They did, but have a tough climb over the final five games of the season. Cincinnati sits 2.5 games back of the Cubs and 1.5 of Miami heading into the last week.

San Francisco Giants
The Giants started the Sunday Night Baseball game against the Dodgers at a game under .500 and 4.5 games back of the Cubs. With a week to go, that seems too tough of a hill to climb.

San Diego Padres
The Padres stayed alive with two wins in three games at home against the Cardinals. But, with six games to go, and five games out, and four teams to catch, the season is over for the Padres.

  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • New York Mets
  • Washington Nationals
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Colorado Rockies

American League Teams In

Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles start the new week at 2.5 games ahead of the Rays for the American League East lead. It’s also the top seed in the American League. The Orioles also just need three wins in the final week to reach 100. Baltimore is the best team in baseball on the road, as they have won 52 of 81 games.

Texas Rangers
What a week for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have won five straight games, and both the Astros and the Mariners have dropped three straight games. Now, Texas heads into the final seven games with a 2.5-game lead on Houston and three on Seattle. The Rangers play all seven games this week on the road.

Minnesota Twins
The Twins are the American League Central Champions. The Twins will be the third seed in the American League postseason.

Tampa Bay Rays
The Tampa Bay Rays are 2.5 games behind the Orioles in the American League East. If the Rays do not catch Baltimore, they will still host the first-round playoff series. The Rays would be the fourth seed. Tampa Bay also would need to go 5-0 this week to reach 100 wins.

Toronto Blue Jays
The Blue Jays have won seven out of their last ten games. Toronto is 87-69 with six games to go. The Blue Jays are the fifth seed, up two games on the Astros and 2.5 on the Mariners. Toronto would need a combination of five wins or Astros losses to ensure their spot in the postseason. Toronto finishes with three at home against the Yankees and then three against the Rays.

Houston Astros
What a terrible weekend for the Houston Astros. Not only did they get swept, they got swept by the 54-102 Kansas City Royals. While Kansas City has won six straight now, that is not a way for the defending champions to get back into the postseason.


American League Teams Out:

Seattle Mariners
With seven games to play this week, the Mariners are ½ game behind Houston for the final playoff spot in the American League series. The Mariners have a huge week with three games at home against Houston and then four against the Rangers.

  • New York Yankees
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Cleveland Guardians
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Oakland Athletics

There it is. Those are your Major League Baseball Playoff teams as we head into the final week of the season. Enjoy the rest of the season!

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MLB Odds to Win the 2024 World Series

As the season heats up, check out the latest MLB lines on which team will take home the title.

Team Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers +330
Atlanta Braves +450
New York Yankees +750
Houston Astros +1025
Baltimore Orioles +1200
Texas Rangers +1275
Philadelphia Phillies +1350
Toronto Blue Jays +2400
Seattle Mariners +2600
Tampa Bay Rays +2800
Chicago Cubs +3000
Minnesota Twins +3200
Arizona Diamondbacks +3400
St. Louis Cardinals +3500
Cleveland Guardians +3800
San Diego Padres +4700
Cincinnati Reds +5000
Milwaukee Brewers +5600
Detroit Tigers +5600
Boston Red Sox +5800
San Francisco Giants +5800
New York Mets +6000
Kansas City Royals +7500
Pittsburgh Pirates +8000
Los Angeles Angels +14000
Miami Marlins +24000
Washington Nationals +36000
Oakland Athletics +50000
Chicago White Sox +60000
Colorado Rockies +60000

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It should be a great final few games of the season. Good luck and enjoy!


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Two Weeks to Go for 2023 MLB Playoffs: Bet Who’s in and Who’s Out?

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There are just two weeks left in the Major League Baseball regular season. The season has gone quickly, but now, the postseason will take over the next month.

The Fall Classic should be a good one. As we start the final two weeks, let’s take a look at what teams are in the MLB playoffs and what teams are out.


Two Weeks to Go for MLB Playoffs: Bet Who’s in and Who’s Out? | MyBookie MLB Regular Season Preview

2023 Major League Baseball season | 123rd edition of MLB baseball in the United States


American League Playoffs

Baltimore Orioles
They are in the postseason and now seeking to seal the top spot in the standings. Baltimore clinched their spot and moved to two games ahead of the Rays with a come-from-behind win. Baltimore must win seven games over the final two weeks to get to 100.

Houston Astros
The defending World Series Champions, is nowhere near guaranteed back in the dance this season. While Houston is 1.5 games up in the American League West with 12 games to go, they are also just 2.5 games from missing the postseason.

The winner of the American League West is going to grab the 2nd seed and get a first-round bye. So, there is a ton to play for, with Texas and Seattle 1.5 and 2.5 games out.

Minnesota Twins
The Minnesota Twins are eight games over .500 on the season and seven games up in the American League Central. To start the new week, the Twins would need a combination of six wins or Cleveland losses to seal the deal.

When the Twins officially clinch their spot, they will be the #3 seed in the American League postseason and host the wildcard series.

Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays are going to the postseason, but we are trying to figure out what spot they will be in. With 11 games remaining, the Rays must win eight to get to 100 on the season. After tying the standings on Friday, they lost back-to-back games against Baltimore.

Now they are two games back in the divisional standings. If they do not win the division, they will be the 4th seed and host the first round of the postseason.

Toronto Blue Jays
The Blue Jays are 83-67 heading into the final two weeks of the season, just half-game ahead of the Texas Rangers and 1.5 games up on the Seattle Mariners.

One of these three teams will miss the postseason. Toronto will not catch the fourth seed, so they will start on the road when the wildcard series starts.

Texas Rangers
The Rangers, who led the division most of the season, sit 1.5 games out of the American League West lead and just one game up on the Mariners for the final wildcard. Texas made many moves at the deadline, so there is a ton on the line to wrap up the season for Texas.

Seattle Mariners
The Mariners are currently OUT of the postseason picture. Seattle, at 81-68, is one game back of the 6th seed Texas Rangers—big final 13 games for the young, entertaining Mariners.

Teams Out of American League Race

The rest of the teams out in the American League:

New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Guardians
Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels
Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals
Oakland Athletics

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National League Playoffs

Atlanta Braves
The Braves are 4.5 games ahead of the Dodgers for the top seed in the National League. Atlanta struggled late but is not playing for a ton right now. Atlanta will get themselves healthy and rested for the postseason. The Braves also need just four wins to reach 100 in 2023.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Once again, the Los Angeles Dodgers are National League West winners. The Dodgers, who struggled early in the season, took over the division and look like a threat to win it all again.

Los Angeles will be the 2nd seed and have a first-round bye. If the Dodgers win nine games in the final two weeks, they will get to 100.

Milwaukee Brewers
The National League Central is over. The Brewers need a combination of seven wins or Chicago Cubs losses to seal the deal. That would put them at the third seed and host a first-round playoff series. The Brewers are 19 games over .500.

Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies are heading into the final two weeks as the fourth seed in the National League. The Phillies are second in the National League East and 3.5 games ahead of Arizona in the National League Wildcard. Philadelphia needs to avoid a collapse to get back to the postseason and protect their NL crown.

Arizona Diamondbacks
After a three-game sweep at home over the Chicago Cubs, the Diamondbacks start the final two weeks with a ½ game lead over the Cubs and Marlins for the 5th seed.

It will be a wild last two weeks for the Diamondbacks, and they are looking to turn to some of their young guys, who continue to impress.

Chicago Cubs
The Cubs need a break, and they will get it on Monday with a day off. Chicago has dropped five games in a row and is now in a tie with Miami for the final postseason spot, and just ½ game up on Chicago.

The Cubs have a soft end-of-the-season schedule, but they must play better baseball to get into the postseason.

Miami Marlins
Miami swept the Braves and are now tied with the Cubs for the final wildcard spot. This has been a big-time up-and-down team, but they have a chance in the final stretch of the season.

Cincinnati Reds
The young Reds are the 8th team in a six-team playoff chase but, as mentioned, right in the mix. The Reds are just ½ game behind the Cubs and Marlins.

Can the Reds find enough pitching to stay around in the final two weeks?

Teams Out of National League Race

The rest of the teams out in the National League:

San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Nationals
Colorado Rockies

MLB World Series Betting Update: 2021 Playoffs Teams Still On the Run

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The MLB Playoffs are delivering all the drama you could have hoped for, including a Game 5 that will decide who moves into the NLCS to face the Atlanta Braves. We have already seen some surprises this postseason and you have to say that the Dodgers stumbling at the NLDS hurdle would be another one, even though it would come at the hands of a San Francisco Giants team that finished ahead of them, albeit only just, in the regular season. We do know the other teams that have moved on and are waiting to take the next step, so now is probably a good time to look at the current MLB World Series odds. Keep in mind that these will change as soon as that Game 5 is played.

Updated 2021 World Series Odds | MLB Betting

Houston Astros (+200)

Love them or hate them, the Astros once again look like a legitimate threat to win it all this season. Not only did they take out the Chicago White Sox in 4 games, they did so in some considerable style. Houston scored 31 runs over the course of those 4 games and even managed to score 6 runs in their lone loss in that series. They lost 12-6 in that game, but outside of that, they have looked good on the defensive side of things.

LA Dodgers (+350)

Despite having one of the best records in baseball in the regular season, the Dodgers were forced to go the Wild Card route. They got past the Cardinals, winning 3-1 with a walk-off home run, and are now in a fantastic battle with the Giants. They stayed alive with a 7-2 win in Game 4, but they now need to go on the road for the decider. This is a team with a ton of playoff experience, which probably explains why they are in as the favorite to move on.

The Red Sox came into the playoffs as a bit of a dark horse, which is surprising when you consider their history. Still, they had to go through the Wild Card route, knocking off the Yankees before facing another divisional foe in the shape of the Tampa Bay Rays. The first couple of games were tight, but the Red Sox stepped it up a notch in Games 3 and 4 to get the 3-1 series win. They cannot be overlooked at this point.

San Francisco Giants (+450)

Holding off the Dodger to win the NL West does not seem to have impressed the bookies, as they have the Giants as an underdog heading into Game 5 of the NLDS. They will be disappointed at letting the Dodgers off the hook in Game 4, but they will feel good about heading back home for the deciding game.

Atlanta Braves (+500)

It must feel like a bit of a slight for Braves fans to see their team as the outright underdog to win the World Series, especially sitting behind teams that have yet to move past the Divisional Series. The Braves pitching was excellent in their 3-1 series win over the Brewers, plus they are getting some very timely hitting. Keep an eye on these guys.

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Top 2016 MLB Expert Predictions For The Last Weeks Of Regular Season

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With approximately 40 games remaining in the 2016 MLB regular season, baseball bettors everywhere need to know what the most likely scenarios are for each and every title contender in both leagues.

That’s where I come in. Thanks to the informative advice you’re about to get with my top MLB betting predictions for the last few weeks of the regular season, you’re going to be able to maximize your chances of cashing in early and often over the next few weeks at the very least.

Okay, with that said, let’s get started.

Analyzing The Top MLB Expert Predictions For The Last Weeks Of Regular Season

AL Central

The Cleveland Indians (71-51) are ranked fourth in scoring (5.0 rpg) and an equally impressive ninth in runs allowed (4.1 rpg). Right now, I don’t see the Tribe blowing it under widely-respected head coach Terry Francona.

Detroit (65-59) and Kansas City (64-60) are both nipping at Cleveland’s heels for the NL Central division title

, but right now, I don’t see either team getting it, although the Royals were my preseason pick to represent the AL in the 2016 World Series.

The Tribe win the AL Central, but I’m still wary of a Royals team that has caught fire the last three weeks.

AL East

The Toronto Blue Jays (70-54) are on top in the AL East, but need to keep picking up wins with both, the Boston Red Sox (69-54) and Baltimore Orioles (67-56) nipping at their heels. The Jays are ranked seventh in scoring (4.8 rpg) and fifth in runs allowed (4.0 rpg). The BoSox are ranked first in scoring (5.5 rpg) but just 19th in runs allowed (4.5 rpg) and that just isn’t a good recipe for postseason success. Likewise, Baltimore is ranked ninth in scoring (4.7 rpg), but just 18th in runs allowed (4.5 rpg).

The Blue Jays win the AL East!

AL West

The Texas Rangers (73-52) are going to win the AL West, making the Seattle Mariners (66-57) and Houston Astros (64-60) two of the top wild card contenders in the American League.

Texas is averaging 4.66 runs per game (10th) but allowing 4.65 runs per contest defensively (20th). Seattle got staff ace Felix Hernandez back recently and the M’s rank a stellar eighth in scoring (4.7 rpg) and 11th in runs allowed (4.29 ERA). Houston is still in the wild card race and they’re ranked solid 12th in scoring (4.5 rpg) and 10th in runs allowed (4.2 rpg). The Rangers win the AL West with room to spare.

NL Central

Chicago Cubs (78-45)

The Chicago Cubs lead the majors in scoring (5.1 rpg) and ERA from their starting pitchers (2.89), making them the odds on favorite to hoist this season’s World Series trophy. Could another team take out Chicago? Of course it’s possible, but I say, not likely, in a season in which the Cubbies have clearly been the best team in all of baseball.

St. Louis (66-57)

The Cardinals are ranked fifth in scoring (4.9 rpg) but they’ve been just mediocre defensively and have had to battle injuries all season long. Right now, I’m thinking the Cards fail to earn one of the two available wild card berths in the National League.

NL East

Washington (73-50)

The Nationals look like the only team in the National League that is capable of even challenging Chicago. Washington will easily win the NL East – before falling t the Cubs in the NLCS!

The Miami Marlins (65-59) have had a fine season by exceeding expectations, but the Marlins aren’t a ‘real’ threat to beat anyone even if they reach the playoffs as a wild card, which, by the way, they won’t!

NY Mets (62-62)

Stick a fork in the reeling Mets because they’re done! New York is ranked a stellar third in runs allowed (3.8 rpg), but that doesn’t matter much when you can’t score. The Mets are ranked a dismal 29th in scoring (3.7 rpg) and that just won’t cut it against either Washington or Chicago, not that the Mets are going to reach the playoffs.

NL West

LA Dodgers (68-55)

The Dodgers have gotten some fantastic pitching this season and currently are ranked fourth in runs allowed (3.9 rpg). The bad news is that L.A. has struggled mightily on offense by averaging just 4.4 runs per game (17th) and 8.5 hits per contest (20th). Pitching will help the Dodgers win the NL West title, but it won’t help them win the NL pennant!

San Francisco (68-56)

The Giants were expected to contend for a World Series title and they’ve done a good job of staying in contention all season long as they battle L.A. for the NL west division crown. While San Francisco is ranked an impressive sixth in runs allowed (4.0 rpg), the Giants have a nearly identical problem to their division rivals as they struggle to score consistently by averaging just 4.4 runs per game (16th).

NL Wild Cards: San Francisco and St. Louis
AL Wild Cards: Boston and Seattle
NL Division Winners: Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, LA Dodgers
AL Division Winners: Cleveland, Toronto, Texas
NLCS: Cubs vs. Nationals
ALCS: Blue Jays vs. Indians
World Series Matchup: Chicago Cubs vs. Toronto Blue Jays


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