NBA 2021 Championship Betting Predictions for Possible Matchups

NBA 2021 Championship Betting Predictions for Possible Matchups

Written by on June 2, 2021

At the start of the playoffs, 16 teams are all in and competing. And now, fans of the Heat and Celtics, who battled in the conference finals last year, are dealing with an earlier summer. Still, so many great options remain.

Also, the Lakers are one loss from being punched out in round one, following their championship victory a season ago. Let’s have a look at our latest NBA update so you can keep planning your bets against their NBA Championship odds.

2021 NBA Championship Update – Matchup Possibilities

Brooklyn Nets Vs Utah Jazz

The most intriguing matchup possibility would be the thrill that is the Utah Jazz, going against Brooklyn’s firepower. The teams are pretty even as far as to point creation, but Brooklyn would have the edge with their three superstars. The toughest team to tame by a wide margin in the league.

Utah is doing a great job of holding Memphis off in late-game scenarios and have now win three in a row. Let’s just remember that this is the lead they blew last year. But assuming they survive, they will be eight wins away from reaching the NBA Finals.

The Brooklyn Nets just has to survive Milwaukee, and they’re home free.

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Utah Jazz

Utah has a chance to get there, as was alluded to above. The same is true of the Bucks. Having beaten the Nets twice, not too long ago, they will have a chance to dethrone the team that already won in the minds of their fans.

They have the perimeter defenders to cover all three of the Nets trio. Middleton, Holiday and Giannis are all tremendous on the defensive end and should be able to hold their own. They have Bryn Forbes, who outscored Jimmy Butler last round.

If the teams were to meet, it would be a heck of finals this year.

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Los Angeles Clippers

This matchup isn’t too likely, but it is a possibility. The Clippers have come back from the brink against the Mavericks and evened the series at 2-2. They have enough talent to get past any team but could struggle with the size of Utah in the next round.

They have been playing all perimeter guys but have the scoring ability to beat anyone. As for Philly, a healthy Embiid controls the keys to the future. If he sustained something serious enough to make him sit the greater part of two games, the team should be worried.

Defensively, the 76ers would stack up pretty well against anyone in the East, and the Clippers, too.

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul’s shoulder is the big factor here. The Lakers could even win the series still, but that doesn’t seem as if it will be happening. Devin Booker has been great, with the supporting cast stepping up in a big way.

Phoenix would have DeAndre Ayton deployed on Brook Lopez in an exciting battle. Giannis versus Jae Crowder would also be great. Jrue Holiday on Chris Paul and Middleton on Booker. Mikal Bridges is a lockdown perimeter guy, and it would make for excellent TV.

A lot has to happen for both of these teams to get this far, but it would be a heck of a battle. Hopefully, it has a chance to happen. If AD is out game 6, PHX is that much closer.


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