NBA Playoffs Betting Tips to Help Maximize Your Winnings

NBA Playoffs Betting Tips to Help Maximize Your Winnings

While it was not a move that everyone was on board with, the Play-In Tournament portion of the playoffs is one that has proven to be a success. That part of the playoff begins on Tuesday night and will carry over until Friday, after which we will see the first round proper begin over the weekend. For the teams that make it out of the play-in and into the opening round, chances are that their run will be short lived. The reality is that we rarely see a #7 or #8 seed take out the top teams, and while the odds of the top seeds winning the first series of the playoffs are not that valuable, it is some low-hanging fruit that some bettors use to boost their bankroll. With that in mind, what are some other things to consider when betting the NBA Playoffs? Let’s find that out so you can bet against the NBA Playoffs Odds.

NBA Betting Tips for the Upcoming 2022 Playoffs

Rest is Important

When the end of the regular season approaches and teams clinch, we begin to see them rest some of their key players. While it can be argued that doing so hurts the momentum of said team, the reality is that rest is important at this stage of the proceeding. That is something to keep an eye on in the postseason. Teams that get series over with quickly have the benefit of a few days off and giving their players time to heal niggling injuries that are almost certainly common right now. Rest day may well equal a deep run.

Bench Depth

You can have the best starting five players in the league, but that might not count for much if you don’t also have impact players coming off the bench. Injuries and dips un form happen, especially in the frantic pace of the postseason, so the teams that have some depth to draw on tend to be the ones who make a deep run and challenge for a championship. Be sure to look at each matchup and use bench depth as one of the things that could sway a close series one way or another.

The Injury Report

We are all well aware that injuries can play a role in just how far a team goes in the postseason. More importantly, though, it can have an impact on individual games within a series, which is important for those of you who like to play every single night during the playoffs. Injury reports can be a little tougher to figure out in the postseason, as teams tend to get a little vague in the way they report things. It is still worth taking a look these reports prior to betting on every game, as a little nagging injury or two can sometimes mean the difference between a win and a loss in a close matchup.

Road Warriors

It goes without saying that home court advantage is incredibly important in the NBA playoffs, which is why teams battle so hard to get a seeding that will give them more games in their own building throughout the postseason. That said, keep an eye out for teams that have a good road record, as they can sometimes steal a series by picking up road wins. An example of that is the Philadelphia 76ers, who have winning records at home and away, but who also have more wins on the road. At the #4 seed, that makes them very dangerous.


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