2022 NBA Championship Betting Predictions of the Possible Finals Matchups to Look For

2022 NBA Championship Betting Predictions of the Possible Finals Matchups to Look For

In just a matter of a few days, we will know which 4 teams will be heading into the Conference Finals in the NBA playoffs. The 4 series are all incredibly tight, although we do have a couple of teams on the brink of clinching a spot in the next round. There have been no huge surprises throughput the postseason, as there is no team lower than the #4 seed currently still alive. Most fans are aware of the final they would like to see happen, but there are several different permutations that could still come into play. Let’s now look ahead to some potential matchups in the 2022 NBA Finals so you can plan your bets against the NBA Championship Odds.

Basketball Betting Predictions of the 2022 NBA Championship Finals Matchups

Phoenix Suns Vs Miami Heat

The two #1 seeds in each conference are still alive and well, with both now on the brink of moving on. The Suns have been in a great fight with the Dallas Mavericks, but they look set to move on after taking a 3-2 series lead with a Game 5 win. It is much the same story for the Miami Heat, who now have a 3-2 lead over a battling Philadelphia 76ers team. You would like both of these teams to make it to the next round at this point, but whether they can then make it to the Finals remains to be seen. A battle between the two #1 seeds would be fitting, but it might not happen.

Golden State Warriors Vs Milwaukee Bucks

You can bet that there are a lot of fans out there who would like to see this matchup in the NBA Finals. After all, you would have the defending champions going against a Warriors team that looks close to being back to the squad that won titles in recent years. The Warriors look set to move on for sure, taking a 3-1 lead over Memphis, who look to now have lost Ja Morant to injury for the rest of the season. The Milwaukee Bucks still have some work to do, as they are currently tied up at 2-2 with the Boston Celtics. The all-important Game 5 goes on Wednesday night, with one of these teams set to take a stranglehold on the series.

Dallas Mavericks Vs Boston Celtics

It has taken some time and effort, but the Dallas Mavericks once again look like a team ready to challenge for a championship. That said, they may still be a piece or two away from going all the way, but even at 3-2 down in their series with the Phoenix Suns, I would not yet count them out. The Boston Celtics have a tough path ahead of them as they try to end the Bucks hopes of a repeat. Game 5 will go a long way toward deciding who gets one step closer to the NBA Finals, but you can bet that there are a lot of fans out there who would love to see the Celtics back in the Finals.

There are a couple of other potential matchups that we could see, but these are the ones that seem the most likely. No matter how it all plays out, we can only hope that we get a great Finals and an exciting series.


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