Look at the College Basketball Odds to win next Season, Bold Predictions and Teams

Look at the College Basketball Odds to win next Season, Bold Predictions and Teams

Bold 2024/25 College Basketball Odds to Win: The nets have barely been cut down after UConn won their second straight college basketball National Championship, but we, and many others, are already looking ahead to next season

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Yes, it’s ridiculous to think about wagering on next year’s winner right now, but the NCAAB odds are out and open to discussion. We are going to get into those odds in a moment, but please be aware that these will change between now and the start of the season. Players are going to leave and declare for the draft. Plus, you never really know if recruited players will live up to the hype when making the jump from high school ball to the college game. In short, there are going to be a ton of factors that go into building a championship contender, and not every team is going to do it well. Keeping all of that in mind, let’s look at the college basketball odds to win the 2024/25 season.


UConn Huskies (+1000)

For the first time in 17 years, we saw a team repeat as champion in college basketball. It was an outstanding achievement, but one that was very much deserved when you consider that the Huskies won each game in the tournament by double digits. Going for a threepeat is tough, but coach Dan Hurley has already said that he is committed to building a dynasty with this team, even though the open Kentucky job must be more than a little tempting. It’s easy to understand why UConn is immediately getting all the love, but let’s wait and see what the offseason brings.

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Arizona Wildcats (+1200)

It is clear that head coach Tommy Lloyd is trying to build a championship winner in Arizona, making it to the Sweet 16 in 2 of his first 3 years in charge of the Wildcats. That is an impressive stat, but is it the sign of a team on the rise or one that is incapable of going all the way in the tournament? The Wildcats will almost certainly be strong again next season, but you would have to think that a Final Four appearance is the next big goal, if not a championship win. They will certainly be one to keep an eye on heading into the new season.

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Duke Blue Devils (+1200)

Even after 2 full seasons with Jon Scheyer as the head coach, this still feels like a team living in the shadow of Coach K and all that he achieved during his magnificent tenure as the Blue Devils head coach. Scheyer saw his team post the exact same 27-9 regular season record in his first 2 years in charge, but he has seen some improvement in the tournament. After going out in Round 2 in his first year, Scheyer led his team to the Elite 8 this time around. It does feel as though progress is being made, so will his 3rd season be the charm? There is every reason to believe that it might well be.

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Houston Cougars (+1600)

It was something of a transition year for the Houston Cougars, as they spent their first season in the Big 12 last year. They went 17-1 in conference play to finish first during the regular season, going into the tournament as one of the favorites to win it all. They will certainly have been more than a little disappointed to see their run come to an end in the Sweet 16 for the second straight season. This is a team that always seems to be knocking on the door of greatness. Will they continue to be on the outside looking in or can they final break that championship door down?

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Kansas Jayhawks (+2000)

Very often, after winning a National Championship, teams are forced to go through a high level of personnel change once their top players bolt to the NBA. The Kansas Jayhawks won the championship in 2021 and have not been playing to their expected standards ever since. They have, of course, made it into March Madness in the two years since that win, but they have gone out in the second round both times, which is not something that will sit well with a fan base that expects greatness every single year. I think these current odds are fair based on the performances of the past 2 seasons.

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UNC Tar Heels (+2000)

Atear after losing in the National Championship Game, the Tar Heels fell off the face of the earth in 2023, missing out on March Madness and turning down an invitation to the NIT Tournament. They bounced back in a big way this season, going 17-3 in conference play and going to the Sweet 16 in the tournament. Life with Hubert Davis as head coach has been a little up and down in his first 3 seasons, but this year felt like a forward step, so I certainly expect the Tar Heels to be in good shape heading into the new season Whether or not that translates to a deep tournament run remains to be seen.

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Kentucky Wildcats (+2200)

This is where things get very interesting, as we are now looking at the end of an era in Kentucky basketball. John Calipari has already announced that he will be taking over as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. That leaves a big opening for someone to step into, which may in turn set of something of a major coaching carousel, all of which may eventually have an impact on the odds to win a National Championship next season. After 3 straight early exits in the tournament, it may well be the right time for a change, so I am holding judgement on the Wildcats until the new head coach is announced.

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I definitely feel that it is much too early to place a wager for a National Championship winner less than 24 hours after the most recent champion has been crowned. That said, if you like UConn to go out and make it a threepeat next season, these might be the best odds you’ll get.

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2024 Five Bold Predictions Before 2024 Tournament Begins

The NCAA Tournament is oh so close to getting underway. The conference tournaments are underway, and will be the talk of the sports world for this week and next. But, really the conference tournaments start the March Madness. The 2024 NCAA Tournament bracket will be out a week from Sunday, and we can come away with a champion pick then. For now, we have some bold betting predictions for the tournament.

Betting 2024 March Madness: Five Bold Predictions for the 2024 NCAA Tournament | College Basketball Betting Analysis for the Big Dance

2024 March Madness | 85th edition of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament
Tuesday, March 19th – Monday, April 8th, 2024

A team with 25/1 odds or better will reach the NCAA Final Four

There are 10 teams with odds below 25/1 to win it all. Someone from outside of those top 10 will reach the NCAA Final Four. Last year we saw several teams in the Final Four that were long shots. San Diego State Aztecs, Florida Atlantic, and even Miami came out of nowhere. UConn did not have a super regular season, but was unstoppable in the postseason and won it all. We are going with a team like Marquette, Creighton, Kansas, Baylor, Alabama or Brigham Young to get to the Final Four. Marquette is listed at 25/1, so they are the “favorite” of the teams we are talking about. The Kansas Jayhawks at 30/1 were one of the teams to beat when the season started. They have fallen a few times, but still have one of the best starting lineups in the nation. Our bold prediction here is one of those teams will reach the NCAA Final Four.

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A 14 seed will beat a 3 Seed in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament

When looking at betting odds, we are looking at teams such as Duke, Auburn, Marquette, Creighton, Kansas, Illinois, Baylor to be 3 seeds in the NCAA Tournament. Potentially Kentucky as well. It would take some pretty good guessing to get the 14 seeds correctly, without a bracket. But, one of the 14 seeds will win in the first round of the big dance. Potentially a team like Indiana State out of the Missouri Valley, or even Drake. Someone like Grand Canyon, who has had a terrific season. Last season we saw a #1 seed lose, and many times we have seen a #2 seed lose in the first round. We are not going to take either of the top 8 teams to lose, but we will go with a 3 seed. That’s our second bold prediction for the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

March Madness Lines Vegas to Win College Tournament Basketball Lines

The Big Ten will have ZERO teams in the NCAA Final Four

It’s been more than 20 years since the Big Ten has won a national title. They are expanding, but it will remain to be seen how much better they will be with a new cast of characters. The style of play in the Big Ten just does not bode well in a one and done NCAA Tournament style. The best chances out of the Big Ten are of course Zach Edey and the Purdue Boilermakers. The Boilermakers come in with odds of +750 to win it all. The Illinois Fighting Illini are also one of the teams to look out for in the NCAA Tournament. We do not like the way they play defense enough to get to the Final Four. After that, several of the teams have been very up and down. Michigan State based on the history of Tom Izzo is listed at 70/1 to win it all, Wisconsin is at 80/1. Both those teams have had some success in the past, but really do not have Final Four type teams. Our bold prediction #3 – The Big Ten gets shut out of the NCAA Final Four in 2024.

March Madness Live Betting to Win College Tournament Basketball Lines

The Atlantic Coast Conference WILL have at LEAST one team in the NCAA Final Four

The Atlantic Coast Conference has been criticized for much of the season. But, what people do not realize – the North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils are both national title contending teams. The Tar Heels are a season removed from their title game loss to the Kansas Jayhawks. With RJ Davis and Armando Bacot, this is a very loaded basketball team. The Tar Heels are listed at 20/1 to win it all. Duke on the other hand has all the tools. They can shoot the basketball, they have a solid point guard running the show, they have a talented big man inside, and they are well coached. This is a team that could make a big time run, and not many people are talking about them. One, if not, both of these teams are going to make the NCAA Final Four. If Duke and or North Carolina do not make the Final Four, the rest of the conference hopes lie with Clemson at 100/1, and Wake Forest at 120/1. The ACC will have at least ONE team in the NCAA Final Four this season!

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One of the lowest four odds will win the NCAA Tournament

Okay, so maybe not a bold prediction here, but a prediction that does not always take place in the NCAA Tournament. One of the lowest four odds to win the NCAA tournament means one of the #1 seed. UConn, Houston and Purdue are locks for the #1 seed. Those three teams are +500, +650 and +750 respectively. But, the fourth is up for grabs. It appears it will be Tennessee, and they are the fourth in terms of lowest odds. One of those four teams will be cutting down the nets when we get to April.

March Madness Prop Bets to Win College Tournament Basketball Lines

Those are five bold predictions for the 2024 NCAA Tournament. We are very excited for the big dance, and looking forward to seeing if any of these bold predictions play out. We will get a bracket soon, and have thoughts on all the games from the first round all the way to the title game. Enjoy the rest of the College Basketball season, and best of luck with all your NCAA Tournament betting!

2023 Five Bold Predictions

Five Bold Predictions For College Basketball 2 Weeks Before March Madness Begins

It is now less than two weeks until the start of March Madness, but before we can get really excited about the start of the tournament, we still need to take care of the business of deciding which teams will be in and who will be watching from home. The regular season is winding down, but with the games that are remaining and the conference tournaments, we will know the 68 teams taking part soon enough. While we are still a couple of weeks out, we are willing to make some NCAA Basketball bold predictions, including picking who we believe will be the national champion, so let’s get to it.

Houston Will Be in as the Top Seed

Given the current standings, I’m not so sure that that this statement could really be described as bold, but it’s a nice way to get the ball rolling. The Cougars are sitting at 27-2 on the season and look like a good pick to win the American Conference tournament. They do have a road trip to Memphis to close out the regular season, which could be tough, but this team looks more than good enough to make it undefeated the rest of the way.


The SEC and the Final Four

When you talk about the SEC, you tend to want to talk about football, but the conference is having a very decent season in college basketball. It is Alabama who are currently ranked #2 in the nation, and while they have the potential to be a final four team, I would also take a look at the Tennessee Volunteers. Until we see the final bracket, these predictions don’t mean that much, but I do think we will see at least one SEC team make a deep run.


Virginia Bounces Back in a Big Way

Last season, the Cavaliers had to be content with a trip to the NIT Tournament after missing out on March Madness. With that in mind, a lot of fans and pundits had them in as a bit of a longshot this season. Right now, the Cavaliers have already matched their win total from last season and are sitting at #13 in the national rankings. I am not suggesting that Virginia is going to win it all, but a trip to the Elite 8 does not seem out of the question.


The Michigan Wolverines Miss Out

The Wolverines are closing the season well, as they are sitting on a 3-game win streak at the moment, but they are still just 17-12 overall. It has been a disappointing season and I think it might be about to get worse, as I think they will be left out of the tournament, If they can win their final 2 games and the Big Ten Conference Tournament, they might prove me wrong, but I don’t see that happening.


Kansas Repeats as National Champions

You have to go back to 2007 to find the last time a team, the Florida Gators, repeated as the college basketball National Champion. That is a long stretch, but I think it’s a trend that comes to an end in 2023, as I like the Kansas Jayhawks to win it all for the second straight season. They have won 7 in a row, which includes 3 wins against ranked opponents, and look to be getting hot at the right time.


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