Odds To Win The National Championship

Updated NCAAB Odds To Win The National Championship

Written by on February 16, 2016

In what has been one of the wildest and most unconventional college basketball seasons in recent memory, the latest odds to win the national championship show that there is parity – and possibilities – for just about every team that will get into this year’s March Madness tournament.Now, let’s get started with this expert look at the latest NCAAB odds to win the 2016 championship.

Updated NCAAB Odds To Win The National Championship

 The Favorites North Carolina 15/2 Oklahoma 15/2 Duke 15/1 Maryland 14/1 Iowa 10/1 Kansas 12/1 Michigan State 8/1 Villanova 14/1 Kentucky 12/1 Virginia 15/1 Xavier 22/1


North Carolina was a 13/2 favorite a week ago and they’ve won two straight heading into this week. However, oddsmakers have clearly lost just a little bit of faith in the Heels following consecutive losses to Louisville and Notre Dame just prior to their modest winning streak.Oklahoma was also a 13/2 favorite a week ago, but the Sooners have suffered losses to Kansas State and Kansas over their last three games and just can’t seem to maintain their momentum for very long.Maryland was a 10/1 favorite a week ago, but the Terrapins got all kinds of smacked around by Wisconsin in their humbling 70-57 home loss on Saturday just after reaching No. 2 in the national rankings.Somehow, Duke saw their odds trimmed from a 10/1 favorite last week to 15/1 despite winning four straight including impressive wins against Louisville and Virginia and moving back into the national top 20.Underrated Xavier was a 20/1 favorite a week ago but the Musketeers also saw their odds take a slight step backwards after losing to Creighton one week ago to the day.


Michigan State and Iowa has both improved their odds after being identical +1200 favorites a week ago.The Kentucky Wildcats have also improved their odds from an 18/1 pick a week ago to 12/1 after betting nationally-ranked South Carolina on Saturday.No. 1 ranked Villanova has improved their odds slightly after being a 15/1 selection a week ago.Virginia was a 20/1 pick last week, but they’ve improved their odds despite losing to Duke the last time out while the Kansas Jayhawks’ odds remained the same as last week.

Legitimate Contenders

Purdue 20/1 Wichita State 22/1 Oregon 25/1 West Virginia 28/1 Notre Dame 85/1 Gonzaga 100/1 South Carolina 125/1 Saint Mary’s 200/1 San Diego State 250/1These teams have improved their odds heading into the new week.

Team – Odds Last Week

Wichita State was 45/1Purdue was 30/1Oregon was 40/1Gonzaga was 150/1Notre Dame was 125/1South Carolina was 200/1Iowa State up from 35/1West Virginia was a 25/1 pick a week ago while Saint Mary’s was listed at 150/1. Both teams have seen their odds take a step backwards and in the case of the Gaels, significantly.‘Quiet’ San Diego State saw their championship odds remain the same, even if they are one of my top under the radar teams to pull off more than one upset once March Madness rolls around.

The Rest

Arizona 30/1 Iowa State 30/1 LSU 40/1 Miami, Fl. 40/1 Providence 45/1 Texas A&M 50/1 California 55/1 Indiana 50/1 Syracuse 60/1 USC 70/1 Baylor 85/1 Michigan 110/1 Wisconsin 150/1 Butler 150/1 Texas 150/1 Field (Any Other Team) 100/1 Cincinnati 200/1 UCLA 250/1 VCU 250/1 UNLV 350/1 Ohio State 500/1 Washington 500/1 Temple 750/1 Memphis 1000/1 North Carolina State 1000/1 Ole Miss 1000/1 Stanford 1000/1 Kansas State 2500/1 Oklahoma State 5000/1 TCU 5000/1 St. John’s 9999/1Analysis: LSU, Miami and Texas were all 30/1 favorites to win the national championship a week ago. California has improved after being a 75/1 pick last week and so has Wisconsin after the Badgers odds were cut in half after being a 500/1 pick last week.The Arizona Wildcats are up from 35/1 while Temple is up from 2000/1. UCLA and VCU have both seen their odds drop while Cincinnati and USC remained the same as a week ago.Providence has improved from a +7500 pick and Baylor has gone up from 100/1 although I’m not sure why seeing as how the Bears have lost three of their last four games.Last but not least college basketball bettors, odds on ‘The Field’ have also improved from 150/1 to 100/1.