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NBA Draft Odds, 2021 Draft Odds, Props, Futures | NBA Draft Betting

NBA Draft Odds, 2021 Draft Odds, Props, Futures | NBA Draft Betting

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2021 NBA Draft Odds, Draft Prop Bets

NBA Draft Odds, Draft Prop Bets

The NBA draft is an annual event in which the teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) can draft players who are eligible and wish to join the league. Players eligible are typically college basketball players, but international players are also eligible to be drafted. Here at MyBookie we offer odds on a variety of fun NBA Draft options that commonly occur like the Draft Lottery (order of selection), players teams may draft and many much more prop bets, which you can watch live through NBA TV & ESPN, we also provide odds on all the main US Pro Sports, including the NFL Draft, MLB Draft & NHL Draft. So why not make some money this year and make your mock draft picks turn into real cash, Good Luck in the Draft.

NBA 2022 Championship Odds & Analysis Update: Lakers and Nets Favorites to Win it All

NBA 2022 Championship Odds & Analysis Update: Lakers and Nets Favorites to Win it All

On October 19, the National Basketball Association tips off what promises to be another great season. But although the season should be fantastic, this is the NBA where drama always reigns. On Tuesday, October 12, the Brooklyn Nets said they were keeping Kyrie Irving out of practice and out of games until he became eligible, which in NBA terms, means Irving must get vaccinated. With that in mind, check out updated NBA Championship odds along with some thoughts.  

Updated NBA 2022 Championship Betting Odds | October 13th Edition

2022 NBA Finals

  • When: Late May – June

2022 NBA Finals Odds

  • Brooklyn Nets +240
  • Los Angeles Lakers +270
  • Milwaukee Bucks +900
  • Golden State Warriors +1000
  • Utah Jazz +1400
  • Phoenix Suns +1600
  • Denver Nuggets +1800
  • Los Angeles Clippers +2000
  • Philadelphia 76ers +2000
  • Miami Heat +2000
  • Dallas Mavericks +2400
  • Atlanta Hawks +4000
  • Boston Celtics +4000
  • Chicago Bulls +4000
  • New York Knicks +4500
  • Portland Trail Blazers +5000
  • New Orleans Pelicans +8000
  • Memphis Grizzlies +8000
  • Indiana Pacers +8000
  • Toronto Raptors +10000
  • Charlotte Hornets +10000
  • Washington Wizards +12500
  • Minnesota Twolves +15000
  • San Antonio Spurs +20000
  • Orlando Magic +20000
  • Sacramento Kings +20000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +25000
  • Detroit Pistons +25000
  • Houston Rockets +25000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +30000

Which team offers the fairest odds? The Los Angeles Lakers or the Brooklyn Nets?

Because Irving may sit out the season, it’s easy to say the Lakers offer fairer odds. Before do that, we should realize the Lakers are talented but the talent is old.

Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, and even Russell Westbrook don’t have a ton of tread left on the tires. Not only that, but LeBron and Anthony Davis have missed significant time the past couple of seasons.

The Nets should be just fine as long as Kevin Durant and James Harden stay healthy. It will be easier for the Nets to get over losing Durant or Harden than it will be for the Lakers to get over losing LeBron or Anthony Davis. 

So the Brooklyn Nets offer fairer odds than the Los Angeles Lakers.  

Do the Warriors and Bucks offer overlay or underlay odds?

The Warriors offer underlay odds. The Bucks offer overlay odds.

First, let’s discuss the Golden State Warriors. How has this team changed from the one that bombed in 2020-2021? If you answered not much, you’re right.

The starting five is the same as it was last season except as of October 12, both James Wiseman and Draymond Green are hurt. Golden State should offer at least +2000 to win rings.

Milwaukee returns their nucleus from last season’s championship squad. At +900, they’re the biggest overlay on the board. 

Which team among the Jazz, Suns, and Nuggets offer the fairest odds to win the NBA Championship?

If the Jazz couldn’t win it last season when they had home court advantage, why would they win it this season? The Jazz don’t offer fair odds.

The Nuggets send the reigning MVP to the court. Ah, but they may have to play all 82 games without Jamal Murray. So, no, the Nuggets don’t offer fair odds, either.  

The Suns return their big three, Chris Paul, DeAndre Ayton, and Devin Booker. That makes the Suns one of the teams to beat in the Western Conference, which means they’re a steal at +1600.

Is there an underdog or two that can win the 2022 NBA Finals?

One team offering +2000 odds is designed for a deep playoff run. The Miami Heat are loaded this season.

Erik Spoelstra’s squad signed Kyle Lowry to start at point guard. Lowry playing with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo makes for one of the best big threes, maybe the best, in the NBA. 

The Heat should offer odds comparable to Golden State’s price, not comparable to the Clippers and Sixers. The Miami Heat should be the only team in the Eastern Conference capable of challenging the Nets and Bucks, which makes them the top play based on odds to win the NBA Finals.   


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