2018 NCAA Football Week 5 Betting Picks.

2018 NCAA Football Week 5 Betting Picks

Written by on August 9, 2018

One of the things that are going to be interesting to watch this season is whether or not the playoff committee is swayed by the antics of the UCF Knights. This is a team that went unbeaten last season and who declared themselves the unofficial national champions. The reality is that unless something really drastic happens, the 4 playoff teams are going to come from the Power 5 conferences. We will once again be focusing on those conferences for our best games to bet on in the 2018 NCAA Football Week 5.

2018 NCAA Football Week 5 Betting Picks


Florida State Seminoles at Louisville Cardinals – This is one of the more interesting teams on the schedule in Week 5, as it features a pair of teams who are going to look different this season. With Jimbo Fisher now gone, the Seminoles will have a new head coach calling the shots.In Louisville, the Cardinals will be trying to adapt to life without Lamar Jackson at QB, which is an incredibly big hole to fill. Bit of a coin flip game here, but I am going to take Florida State on the road.

Big 12

West Virginia Mountaineers at Texas Tech Red Raiders – The Mountaineers are coming into this season boasting an offense that is once again going to be among the best in college football. Their problems have been on the defensive side of the football, and if that unit is going to get exposed, it might just happen here.Texas Tech is also a team that focuses more on the offensive side of the game than the defensive side. I think we can certainly expect to see a lot of scoring in this one, and I believe that it will be the Mountaineers who prevail.

Big Ten

Ohio State Buckeyes at Penn State Nittany Lions – The hope among the fans of the Buckeyes is that the drama of the offseason will have been put in the past by this stage of the season. We have yet to find out what will become of Urban Meyer, but even if he does keep his job, you have to wonder how it will affect the team and the preparation for the season ahead.We’ll have a good idea of that by the time we reach this stage of the season. If things have not gone well for the Buckeyes, they could well be in trouble on the road against Penn State.

PAC 12

Stanford Cardinal at Notre Dame Fighting Irish – There are some who believe that Stanford has what it takes to win the PAC 12 and land a spot in the playoffs. It’s fair to suggest that the conference could use something like that after failing to send anyone to the final four last year, while also having a miserable bowl season.Notre Dame is one of the favorites for the 2018.If the Cardinal is to be a contender, they are going to need to come up with a signature win in South Bend. Notre Dame is a very good team that is more than capable of winning this one, although I think they lose in a close one.


Ole Miss Rebels at LSU Tigers – It’s a bit of a quieter week in the SEC, with all the major players in the East and West Divisions having what appear to be very manageable games. Of the bunch, I think this one could well be the most entertaining. Ole Miss is coming off a couple of down years, but are still a good team that is not going to be easy to put away.LSU think they can win the West, and these are the types of games they need to win if that is to happen. This should be a win for the Tigers.