NFL Week 2 Lines

2018 NFL Week 2 Early Betting Picks for Every Game

Written by on August 6, 2018

If you’re an NFL betting aficionado that is looking to maximize your chances of cashing in consistently over the course of the coming season, then you’ve come to the right place! In an ongoing effort to help you cash in early and often this season, I’ve got an early pick on each and every matchup on the NFL Week 2 regular season schedule.

With that said, let’s get started.

2018 NFL Week 2 Early Betting Picks for Every Game

Thursday Sept. 13, 2018

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (Pick ’em)

I’m expecting a knock-down, drag-out brawl that the Bengals win in this annual AFC North battle. Bengals 24 Ravens 21

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-4)

Speaking of division rivalries….I’m going with Atlanta to hold down the fort when these longtime NFC South rivals meet in Week 2. Falcons 27 Panthers 24

Los Angeles Chargers at Buffalo Bills

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (+1)

I like the Chargers ferocious defensive ends to make life miserable for whoever starts at quarterback for Buffalo in this one. Chargers 27 Bills 17

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-2.5)

The Packers are playing at home, but Minnesota is the better team in two of three phases, if not all three. Vikings 28 Packers 23

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (Pick ’em)

The Texans are a sexy pick in the AFC this year, but I like the Titans to hold it down as part of a regular season split in this one. Titans 27 Texans 24

Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-10)

The revamped Browns won’t be incompetent this coming season, but they certainly won’t be able to keep up with Drew Brees and company either. Saints 31 Browns 20

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-1)

Josh McCown out-duels Ryan Tannehill to lead the Jets to the home win and narrow ATS cover.

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-7)

The Steelers get the win at home, but Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs cover the chalk. Steelers 27 Chiefs 23

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (+3)

Damn, the Buccaneers are in trouble! Eagles 31 Buccaneers 20

Indianapolis Colts at Washington Redskins

Are the Redskins a safe bet to win in NFL Week 2?
  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-3)

Alex Smith and the Skins get the win at home in a contest that looks like it could be ugly. Redskins 24 Colts 20

Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-10.5)

The Rams get the easy win to cover the double-digit spread in this NFC West divisional showdown. Rams 35 Cardinals 17

Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-3.5)

Jimmy G leads the revitalized Niners to the big home win over Matt Stafford and company. 49Ers 31 Lions 24

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-1)

Denver manages to squeak past Oakland in this AFC West matchup, if only because they’re playing at Mile High Stadium. Broncos 28 Raiders 27

New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (+2.5)

I’m going with the Jags to deliver a message in this Week 2 matchup that they are indeed, going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2018. Jaguars 27 Patriots 23

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (-6)

The Cowboys will get the win and narrow ATS cover in this NFC East divisional showdown because they’re playing at home. Cowboys 28 Giants 21

Monday Sept. 18, 2018

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

  • NFL Week 2 Odds: (Pick ’em)

Russell Wilson will be the best player on the field in this contest, hands down. Seahawks 31 Bears 24