NFL Betting Odds for Teams that Will Be Complete Surprises This Season

NFL Betting Odds for Teams that Will Be Complete Surprises This Season

We’ve had the Draft, the schedule has been released, and now teams across the NFL are running OTAs.

While we still have some time to wait before we get our first taste of NFL action, all these checkpoints being passed means that we are getting ever closer to the start of the new season.


My Analysis

The big story heading into the new season is whether the Kansas City Chiefs can deliver the three-peat. They certainly look loaded once again, but there are a handful of teams that look set to deliver a serious challenge, with the likes of the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles all knocking on the door. Perhaps, though, we will see a dark horse come out of nowhere to mount a challenge, as seems to happen every year. We have a few teams that could be a surprise in 2024, although we are not suggesting that any of them are going to win the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at some potential surprise teams.


Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Line +4500

As we already mentioned, the Baltimore Ravens are among the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. You also have the Cincinnati Bengals expected to have a bounce back season, while the Browns are also expected to be stronger. In short, the AFC North looks loaded, with the bookies seeing the Steelers as the weakest team in the division. I’m not so sure that will be the case, though, especially if Russell Wilson can recover his form and the new OC implements a new plan for the offense. Yes, the Steelers have a brutal schedule in the second half of the season, but I like them to get out to a good start and to build some momentum. Let’s not forget that they have never had a losing season in the Mike Tomlin era.


Chicago Bears Super Bowl Line +3300

Realistically, the only way is up for a Bears team that has been poor for the last few years. The Justin Fields experiment never really panned out, but you certainly cannot heap all the blame for the lack of success on Fields, who will be plying his trade in Pittsburgh next season. This season, the Bears will be hoping that their #1 draft pick, Caleb Williams, can deliver the same level of success that CJ Stroud did for the Houston Texans last season. It’s always a risk when you start a rookie QB, but the general consensus is that Williams has all the tools required to be a success in the NFL. The question is going to be whether the Bears have done enough in the offseason to address the other issues they have had. If they have done that, then this could be a good year.



Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Line +1850

I’m sure that many of us wrote the Packers off in the midway point of last season, but that proved to be a mistake. There came a point when everything seemed to click in Green Bay, with Jordan Love and the Packers going on a late season run that took them to the playoffs. They followed that up with a win in the Wild Card Game over the Dallas Cowboys before coming very close to knocking off the San Francisco 49ers, who eventually went to the Super Bowl. Now that Love and company and one year older and wiser, there is a definite feeling that they might be ready to take another big step forward this season. The North looks to be there for the taking, and I think they win it, which could potentially set up another playoff run this season.


Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Line +2500

You cannot be successful with just one great player in the NFL, but you can improve your chances dramatically if that player is your QB. The teams that win the Super Bowl are generally always strong across the board, but they also all have an elite, established QB under center. The Falcons have been looking for that next QB since parting ways with Matt Ryan, and it has not gone well to this point. They made a move in the offseason to land Kirk Cousins, who has had a stellar career in the league, albeit without winning a championship. His arrival in Atlanta immediately puts this team at the top of the heap in what looks to be a fairly winnable NFC South. Now, whether that translates to a division win and a playoff run remains to be seen.


New York Jets Super Bowl Line +2400

It usually takes a few weeks of the season for fans to realize that their team is in trouble, but for the New York Jets, their 2023 season was put on life support before they finished their first offensive series of the new season. They had made the biggest offseason splash imaginable by picking up MVP winner Aaron Rodgers in a move that was supposed to immediately change their luck overnight. It all went south quickly, though, with Rodgers lost for the season due to an injury sustained in his first drive with the Jets. He is back and ready to go this year, and the hope is that the Jets will be able to bounce back and compete in what is sure to be a very competitive division.


Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Line +6000

The Colts are another team that has struggled to be competitive after the retirement of a star QB. Since Andrew Luck walked out the door, the Colts have gone with a variety of different veteran QBs, none of whom has been able to deliver the goods. They finally went through the draft to get their man, only to have Anthony Richardson suffer a season ending injury in the early part of last year. Reports suggest that Richardson has recovered from shoulder surgery, is throwing the ball and looking strong. If he can come back fully fit and healthy, this team might just be able to make some noise in what is potentially a very winnable AFC South Division.

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