2020 NFL Betting - Must Bet Games in Week 8

Must Bet NFL Games in Week 8 in 2020

Written by on August 27, 2020

For the teams who have yet to have had a bye, Week 8 will represent the midway point of their season. There will be, as there is every season, a few teams who will have gotten off to a fast start and put themselves in a very good position by the halfway point. There are others who will be hanging around the Wild Card spots and looking to step it up a gear in the second half of the season. History has shown that teams who finish the season strong tend to do well once the postseason rolls around, so might this be the week when we begin to see some teams on the fringes of the playoffs begin to make a serious push? We won’t know for sure until the season begins, but let’s take a look at the Week 8 games that jump off the schedule so you can make your bets against their NFL odds.

2020 NFL Betting Preview for Games in Week 8

Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns

These are to teams who are hoping for better than what we have seen from them of late, but who had made a habit of letting their fans down. The Raiders are going to pull in fans to their new stadium in Las Vegas, but are they going to be able to deliver a product that will keep them coming back for more. In Cleveland, the Browns have a talented group of players at their disposal, but a lack of leadership and discipline has hurt them over the last couple of seasons. Can Baker Mayfield and company finally deliver a winning season and a playoff berth?

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

The NFC North is interesting in that we don’t really know which team looks to be the most dominant heading into the season. The Packers won 13 games last season, but they never looked entirely convincing while doing it. The Minnesota Vikings delivered another double-digit win season, but then failed to make their mark in the postseason. These two would appear to be the favorites to battle it out for divisional supremacy, but what about the Bears? Are they going to bounce back? These divisional games are all huge.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Speaking of divisional games and divisions that could be fun to watch, the NFC West is another that certainly falls into that category. The 49ers and the Seahawks both made it to the playoffs last season. The Seahawks were a little banged up, so they could be ready to bounce back and deliver the goods again this season. The 49ers, meanwhile, will be looking to avoid the curse that comes with losing the Super Bowl, which is missing out on the playoffs in the following season. Another huge divisional game here.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

As you can see, we are following a bit of a pattern here, which is that divisional games are the big ones in Week 8 of the season. The Dallas Cowboys are coming into this season with a loaded roster, a new coach, and a determination to get the job done. They are the big favorites to win the NFC East, but could the Philadelphia Eagles loom as a bit of a dark horse? It’s going to be interesting to see where these two are at once we get to the midway point of the season.

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