NFL Betting - Will the Patriots win Super Bowl LV with Newton?

Will the Patriots win Super Bowl LV with Newton?

Written by on September 1, 2020

When the best quarterback to ever play the game decides that it’s time to move on, it creates a void that cannot be adequately filled. Tom Brady is a once in a generation type of player that was consistently great, raising the play of the players that surrounded him. When he left Foxboro to head to Tampa Bay, the general consensus was that the dynasty in New England was officially over. Initially, it looked as though the Patriots were more than happy to roll the dice with Jarrett Stidham, and unproven QB with a ton of upside. When the chance came to land Cam Newton for a relatively small investment, those plans changed a little. The Patriots are playing coy as to who will start when the season begins, but all signs would appear to point to Newton being the man. If that is indeed the case, the question now is whether he can lead them to the Super Bowl. Let’s look at the case for and against Newton doing that as a Patriot.

Cam Newton: Is he the QB that the Patriots need to win Super Bowl LV? | NFL Betting Analysis

The Case FOR Cam Newton

You cannot deny the fact that Newton is a physical specimen and a special talent, delivering a dual threat that makes him very tough to defend. When he was at his best in this league, Newton was a force of nature that could basically put a team on his shoulders and carry them. It was not a sustainable way to play the game, though, and the injuries began to pile up. He has had plenty of time to get healthy, though, so he may just be back at his best this season.

One of the problems that Newton had in the Carolina Panthers, especially in his last couple of seasons there, was that he had little in the way of protection. If a QB does not have an effective O-line in front of him, he is going to get hit and hurt. There should be no such issues in the New England Patriots, so Newton will have time to go to work and do his thing.

Newton is also going to have help from a very solid group of running backs, which means that he is not going to need to take off and make plays as often as he has in the past. This is a real opportunity for him to develop into an effective pocket passer, while letting his RB’s take a lot of the weight off his shoulders.

The Case AGAINST Cam Newton

The first thing that need to be considered a concern is his health. He has had to deal with shoulder and foot injuries over the past few seasons, and while word is that Newton has a clean bill of health, can we really be sure that he will be able to stay upright through an entire season and the playoffs?

If we are being brutally honest here, we have to say that Newton has also had some issues with his attitude, from sideline pouting to walking out of press conferences after a loss. It’s the type of behavior that will not fly under Bill Belichick, so it may not be an issue. Not necessarily being the leader in New England might tale some of the pressure off.


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