NFL SU Betting Picks for Week 1 to 18 of the 2021 Season

NFL SU Betting Picks for Week 1 to 18 of the 2021 Season

Even though training camps have yet to start, NFL handicappers are busily preparing for the 2021 NFL Regular Season. Check out a straight up pick from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 18 so you can plan your bets against their NFL odds.

Best NFL Sure SU Picks Weeks 1-18

2021 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

NFL Week 1

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is one of the best teams in football. Pittsburgh isn’t.

NFL SU Pick: Buffalo Bills 

NFL Week 2

  • Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though Pittsburgh isn’t one of the best teams in football, the Steelers have no business losing to the Raiders. Las Vegas has yet to become a playoff contender. They won’t in 2021.

NFL SU Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers  

NFL Week 3

  • Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Unless Dak Prescott gets hurt again, the Cowboys should be on the short list for the NFC Title. Philadelphia won’t be as bad as many expect, but the Eagles have no shot against Big D in, well, Big D. 

NFL SU Pick: Dallas Cowboys 

NFL Week 4

  • New York Giants at New Orleans Saints

New Orleans will be a good team no matter who plays quarterback. The Giants should field a decent defense. The offense is suspect. 

NFL SU Pick: New Orleans Saints 

NFL Week 5

  • New England Patriots at Houston Texans

When in doubt, play against the Houston Texans. Yes, even if it’s the New England Patriots with Cam Newton or a rookie quarterback. 

NFL SU Pick: New England Patriots

NFL Week 6

  • Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions

When in doubt, and you don’t want to play against the Houston Texans, play against the Detroit Lions. Yes, even if it’s the Cincinnati Bengals. 

NFL SU Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 

NFL Week 7

  • Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins

Miami has the better defense and should field the slightly better offense. Unless the Dolphins don’t improve at all from last season’s 11-5 team, the Fins should dominate the Falcons.   

NFL SU Pick: Miami Dolphins  

NFL Week 8

  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks

When in doubt and you don’t want to play against the Detroit Lions or Houston Texans, play against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, even if it’s against mediocre Seattle.  

NFL SU Pick: Seattle Seahawks 

NFL Week 9

  • Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs

Will Rodgers play or not? It won’t matter in Week 9. There’s no way the Kansas City Chiefs fall to the Green Bay Packers. Chiefs versus Packers is a rivalry that began in the first Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid know this.   

NFL SU Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 

NFL Week 10

  • Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys remember how the Falcons mounted one of the most incredible comebacks in NFL History in last season’s ATL versus Big D tilt. The Boys exact revenge. 

NFL SU Pick: Dallas Cowboys 

NFL Week 11

  • New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Is Philadelphia good enough to beat the New Orleans Saints without Drew Brees? Last season, the Saints beat the Eagles with Taysom Hill at quarterback. So the answer is no. 

NFL SU Pick: New Orleans Saints

NFL Week 12

  • Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team

Didn’t we write that Seattle is mediocre? We did. WFT all the way. 

NFL SU Pick: Washington Football Team  

NFL Week 13

  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Los Angeles Rams

When in doubt, oh, you get the idea. Rams roll. 

NFL SU Pick: Los Angeles Rams  

NFL Week 14

  • New Orleans Saints at New York Jets

Ah, the New York Jets. Things are looking up, or are they? Nobody knows if Zach Wilson is the next coming of Joe Namath or Ken O’Brien. We may not know this season, which is why the Saints win this.  

NFL SU Pick: New Orleans Saints 

NFL Week 15

  • Arizona Cardinal at Detroit Lions

Arizona should be one of the better teams in the NFC. Detroit has already said this is a rebuilding season.

NFL SU Pick: Arizona Cardinals 

NFL Week 16

  • Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Once in a while, you must take a stab. Bengals moneyline versus the Ravens in Week 16 is taking a stab. Cincy is the play. 

NFL SU Pick: Cincinnati Bengals  

NFL Week 17

  • Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers should trounce the Houston Texans. The Texans are the worst team in football. The organization has set up Deshaun Watson for failure. So even if Deshaun plays, Houston loses. 

NFL SU Pick: Houston Texans 

NFL Week 18

  • Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

We’re going against Houston in back-to-back games. Tennessee should fight Indianapolis for the AFC South Division all season long, which means Tennessee will play their starters in Week 18. 

NFL SU Pick: Tennessee Titans

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