NFL Preseason Week 2 Top Predictions and Winning Favorites

NFL Preseason Week 2 Top Predictions and Winning Favorites

Written by on August 14, 2017

The first week of the NFL preseason is in the books, and we saw some rather surprising results in those games. We say surprising, but the reality is that it’s tough to really know what to expect from these games, as we get to see a lot of players who are destined to be cut over the next few weeks. Week 2 of the NFL preseason may see some more playing time for the starters, but still not very much. I will be trying to keep that in mind when making my selections for the upcoming round of betting odds for the preseason.

Analyzing the NFL Preseason Week 2 Top Predictions and Winning Favorites

Baltimore Ravens over Miami Dolphins

Both of these teams got their NFL preseason off to a winning start. The Ravens easily handled the Washington Redskins 23-3, while the Dolphins had a surprising 23-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons. The big news in this game will be the arrival of Jay Cutler at QB for the Dolphins after Ryan Tannehill went down for the season with an injury. Tough to say how much time Cutler will get, but you would have to imagine that they will want to get him as many reps as possible. Look for the Ravens D to take advantage of Cutler’s rustiness.


Offensive total yards 347.69 Current Offensive rush yards 91.12 Offensive passing yards 256.56 Average Score For 21.44 Defensive total yards 322.12 Current Defensive rush yards 89.38 Defensive passing yards 232.75 Average Score Against 20.06


Offensive total yards 331.71 Current Offensive rush yards 110.35 Offensive passing yards 221.35 Average Score For 22.06 Defensive total yards 381.88 Current Defensive rush yards 142.71 Defensive passing yards 239.18 Average Score Against 24.12

Preseason NFL Week 2 Updated Losing Picks

Seattle Seahawks over Minnesota Vikings

The Seahawks are almost certainly going to be one of the Super Bowl favorites this season, and they gave a hint of their potential depth with an impressive 48-17 win over the Chargers in Week 1 of the NFL preseason. The Vikings also got off to a winning start, beating the Buffalo Bills in a 17-10 defensive battle that wasn’t really a surprise to anyone. I like the Seahawks to win this one quite comfortably, although I don’t see them racking up huge points this week.


Offensive total yards 356.17 Current Offensive rush yards 103.83 Offensive passing yards 252.33 Average Score For 22.22 Defensive total yards 320.00 Current Defensive rush yards 90.83 Defensive passing yards 229.17 Average Score Against 18.56


Offensive total yards 315.06 Current Offensive rush yards 75.31 Offensive passing yards 239.75 Average Score For 20.44 Defensive total yards 314.88 Current Defensive rush yards 106.94 Defensive passing yards 207.94 Average Score Against 19.19

Green Bay Packers over Washington Redskins

The Redskins offense did not look particularly good in their preseason opener against the Ravens, and it’s tough to imagine that they are going to be any better versus the Packers, even with the game being at home. Green Bay were efficient in all areas of their game in their opener, a comfortable 24-9 win over the Eagles. It’s never easy to go on the road and win, but I think the Packers will be just too much for the Redskins in this one.


Offensive total yards 373.00 Current Offensive rush yards 103.26 Offensive passing yards 269.74 Average Score For 27.63 Defensive total yards 374.11 Current Defensive rush yards 96.42 Defensive passing yards 277.68 Average Score Against 25.05


Offensive total yards 403.62 Current Offensive rush yards 106.25 Offensive passing yards 297.38 Average Score For 24.75 Defensive total yards 377.75 Current Defensive rush yards 119.75 Defensive passing yards 258.00 Average Score Against 23.94

Carolina Panthers over Tennessee Titans

When you are looking to have a bounce back season, you want to get back to the habit of winning as early as possible, which means having a solid preseason. The Carolina Panthers definitely fall into that category, and they will be pleased with their performance in Week 1 of the NFL preseason, where they put together a solid 27-17 win over the Houston Texans. Things did not go well at all for the Titans in their preseason opener, falling 7-3 to the Jets in a game where their O-line was harshly victimized by the New York D. They will need to improve greatly against the Panthers, which I don’t see happening.


Offensive total yards 343.69 Current Offensive rush yards 113.38 Offensive passing yards 230.31 Average Score For 23.06 Defensive total yards 359.69 Current Defensive rush yards 91.50 Defensive passing yards 268.19 Average Score Against 25.12


Offensive total yards 358.12 Current Offensive rush yards 137.31 Offensive passing yards 220.81 Average Score For 23.81 Defensive total yards 357.56 Current Defensive rush yards 88.3 Defensive passing yards 269.19 Average Score Against 23.62

Pittsburgh Steelers over Atlanta Falcons

This is arguably the best match-up in Week 2 of the NFL preseason, as there are a lot of folks out there who believe that this could well be a potential Super Bowl preview. T.J. Watt looked like the real deal in his first NFL action, delivering a pair of sacks for the Steelers, and looking like a handful in every single play. T.J. Watt looked like the real deal in his first NFL preseason action, delivering a pair of sacks for the Steelers, and looking like a handful in every single play. The Falcons stumbled out of the gate with a 23-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins in their preseason opener, but no real reason to worry. That said, I think they will come up a little short again this week at Heinz Field.


Offensive total yards 372.68 Current Offensive rush yards 113.89 Offensive passing yards 258.79 Average Score For 24.42 Defensive total yards 339.21 Current Defensive rush yards 93.16 Defensive passing yards 246.05 Average Score Against 20.58


Offensive total yards 416.42 Current Offensive rush yards 117.47 Offensive passing yards 298.95 Average Score For 34.11 Defensive total yards 376.84 Current Defensive rush yards 104.11 Defensive passing yards 272.74 Average Score Against 25.32

New Orleans Saints and LA Chargers (OVER)

Let’s close out the picks for week 2 of the NFL preseason with an OVER pick. The Chargers were sloppy on defense, giving up 48 points to the Seahawks in their opener, while the Saints were unable to stop the Cleveland Brown. While the defenses of these two teams may get better in Week 2, I don’t think it will be enough of an improvement to prevent the OVER.


Offensive total yards 426.00 Current Offensive rush yards 108.94 Offensive passing yards 317.06 Average Score For 29.31 Defensive total yards 375.38 Current Defensive rush yards 101.62 Defensive passing yards 273.75 Average Score Against 28.38


Offensive total yards 357.00 Current Offensive rush yards 94.44 Offensive passing yards 262.56 Average Score For 25.62 Defensive total yards 347.12 Current Defensive rush yards 98.00 Defensive passing yards 249.12 Average Score Against 26.44