NFL Rumors & Betting News January 7th Edition

NFL Rumors & Betting News January 7th Edition

Written by on January 7, 2021

Heading into Wildcard Weekend, there’s a lot of news that we must get through. One of the best defensive ends in the history of the sport should find a new address next season, the NFL may postpone one of this weekend’s wildcard contests, and the worst teams in the league are already on the search for a new head coach. Check out the latest in our NFL news and rumors update so you can continue betting against their NFL odds!

NFL News & Rumors: J.J. Watt is Done in Houston

Where will J.J. Watt play in 2021?

J.J. Watt won’t play for the Houston Texans next season. The 31-year-old defensive end wants to step onto the field for a contender. Even though the Texans have one of the best quarterbacks in the league under center, they aren’t a contender to win the Super Bowl.

J.J. is likely to head to Pittsburgh, to Tampa, or to Cleveland. All three teams provide distinct advantages. If he goes to Pittsburgh, Watt will play opposite his brother, the likely Defensive Player of the Year, T.J. Watt. The younger Watt had 43 solo tackles, 15 sacks, 1 interception, and 2 forced fumbles. 

Tampa Bay is a Super Bowl contender. Watt could play on a rising defense and on the same team with the best quarterback in history, Tom Brady. Playing for the Browns also has a major advantage. Myles Garrett causes havoc from the other side of the defensive line. Garrett and Watt together could make Cleveland’s defense a top five unit.   

Could the NFL postpone Browns – Steelers on Sunday night?

Speaking of the Cleveland Browns, they may have to wait to play their first playoff game in the last 18 years. Five Cleveland players and personnel, including head coach Kevin Stefanski, showed COVID-19 positives over the weekend.

Cleveland closed their facility on Tuesday, Wednesday, and will probably close it on Thursday. The NFL postponing the Browns versus Steelers battle scheduled for Sunday night is unlikely. The league has put the onus on following pandemic protocols on individual teams. If Cleveland didn’t stick to the rules, the league won’t punish the Steelers, if they were to beat Cleveland, by forcing them to play two games in the span of seven or eight days.

The Browns are good enough to weather the storm. Don’t jump on Pittsburgh to cover just because their head coach will be in quarantine.    

Texans, Falcons, Chargers and Jets already looking for head coaches

The Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers, and New York Jets have wasted no time searching for new head coaches. Among the five teams, the Chargers’ and Texans’ appear most attractive.

Offensive minded coaches like Kansas City’s Eric Bienemy are likely to wrangle an HC job for Houston or Los Angeles. The Texans have Deshaun Watson, and the Chargers have Justin Herbert. 

Detroit could go for a defensive coach like San Francisco’s Robert Saleh. The Jets are all over the board. NYJ interviewed Bienemy. But they may decide Saleh is a better fit.

Arthur Blank says Matt Ryan and Julio Jones may not play for the Falcons in 2021

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said he’s not sure if Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be with the Falcons in 2021. Per Blank, “What I think is important, most important, is that we hire people who are, number one, the very best at their jobs. That goes without saying. Who will come forward with a plan for us to have a championship team, a competitive team, et cetera. And that may include Matt and Julio for now, for the next two years, three years, or may not. I have no idea.”

It may seem surprising that Blank is even considering parting ways with Ryan and Jones. The only reason the Falcons have had any success this past decade is because of those two players. But Atlanta has the fourth pick in April’s draft. 

Even if Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields go 1-2 to the Jaguars and Jets, the Dolphins won’t select BYU quarterback Zach Wilson or North Dakota State signal-caller Try Lance. Those two quarterbacks most definitely will be available.

Having a QB1 with legitimate talent is the best way to secure a top coach. Blank could promise Bienemy, or another hot coaching commodity, to head to Atlanta because they can choose the franchise quarterback they want to run the offense with the fourth pick.          

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