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SB50 Five Reasons the Carolina Panthers Can Win

Written by on February 3, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Betting Lines and Picks

Don’t forget that MyBookie.ag has the best odds for this years Super Bowl game. We currently have the Carolina Panthers listed as -6 point favorites, get your bet in now before it moves once again. The Carolina Panthers have been the best team in the National Football League all season long. The Panthers started the season with 14 straight wins, until Atlanta knocked them off in Week 16. Carolina has steamrolled through the postseason with wins over the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

5 Reasons Why the Carolina Panthers Can Beat the SB50 Odds

1. Cam Newton is Super Man –  Maybe not literally, but Cam Newton has turned his game in the NFL into an unstoppable force. Newton has shown the ability to run the football, and has a great throwing arm. Cam Newton has turned his receivers, who were not known by many outside of the organization into reliable pass catching receivers. The Carolina Panthers have a great quarterback in Cam Newton. Great quarterbacks can win single games.2. Ted Ginn Jr may be the fastest man on the field – There have been many games this season where Ted Ginn Jr was the fastest man on the football field. If that is the case in this game, the Carolina Panthers may be in really good shape. Ted Ginn Jr will return kicks for the Carolina PAnthers, and if he breaks loose and scores on a kick return, that’s just huge momentum. Look out for Ted Ginn Jr in Super Bowl 50!3. Jonathan Stewart is healthy – Well, he is as healthy as he is going to be. Jonathan Stewart has been banged up throughout the season, but with the week off appears to be in great condition to come back and ready to roll in this game. The offensive line for the Panthers has been terrific about opening up holes for Stewart, and boy has he used them. Jonathan Stewart and the Carolina Panthers are poised for a big game in Super Bowl 50.4. Josh Norman is a bad, bad man – Josh Norman will be guarding DeMaryius Thomas, and doing everything in his power to keep him out of the end zone. There has already been talk about how Norman wants to intercept Peyton Manning, and you better believe he is going to make sure that happens in this game. Look for Josh Norman and the Carolina Panthers to come up huge in this game, and be a throne in Peyton Manning’s side all night long.5. Ron Rivera deserves to win – The head coach of the Carolina Panthers has put in his dues and done a great job as the head coach of the team. e has a great team, and has been a steady force for this team all season long. If for no other reason this is a coach that deserves to win a Super Bowl, and he will get the job done on Sunday in Super Bowl 50!We will stop right there. There are many other reasons why the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50, but that’s five good reasons why the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50! Our pick to win Super Bowl 50 is the Carolina Panthers. We have already discussed a number of reasons why. You should have no problems laying the points and betting on the Panthers -6 on Sunday.