The belief that Denver will win is overwhelming.

Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers Moneyline Betting Picks

Written by on January 16, 2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers stumble into Mile High stadium depleted and destroyed. We’ve recently learned that Antonio Brown isn’t going to play, Deangelo Williams is very doubtful, and Ben Roethlisberger is still feeling “iffy” with his shoulder injury. Against one of the top defenses in the league, this is the last thing you want to hear. Without Roethlisberger, we know the Steelers stand no chance. With him, their hopes are bleak. After this injury news has been released the money line has been shifting in favor of the Broncos all week long. Originally it started at around -250, and is now up to -340 after this turn of events. This game will air at 4:40 EST on CBS.

Why Bet on the Denver Broncos at -340:

The odds have rapidly changed on, and the odds for the Broncos are likely to only get heavier as they’ve shifted rapidly in their favor since being originally released. If you want a “safe” bet, and don’t want to go with the Cardinals against the Packers, this is your best choice. As far as money lines are concerned, sure, the payout for this bet is pretty low, but the odds of the Broncos actually losing is quite low as well. The bets are flooding in in favor of the Broncos, and if you want to hop on, be sure to bet as soon as possible because they’re trending strongly in the Broncos favor. By the end of the week I wouldn’t be surprised if these odds sat at -400. The Broncos being a safe bet aside, you probably want some reason to pick them. As mentioned earlier, the Steelers are absolutely depleted. They have nothing left in the tank. They’ve already lost Le’Veon Bell for the season, their backup running back, Deangelo Williams is also suffering an injury and may not play on Sunday. Top that off by their star WR Antonio Brown suffering a concussion (now determined as OUT) for Sunday’s game, and they look like they’re going to be as bad as they’ve been all season long. Peyton Manning is also back, and has a few weeks of rest under his belt as he hopes to find gaping holes in the Steeler’s secondary like many teams have done already this year.
Peyton Manning, QB of the Denver Broncos.
Peyton Manning isn’t popular for doing well in cold weather. That could be Pittsburgh’s saving grace.

Why Bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers at +280:

If you’re going to bet on the Steelers, you’ll need some faith and a bit of luck. The one weak point the Broncos have had has been their offense. There’s a reason Peyton Manning was taken out of the offense for a few weeks. They have looked terrible, and if their defense doesn’t show up, the Steelers may have a shot here. Even with Brown out, they still have a great wideout in Martavious Bryant who’s capable of posting a huge game against Talib. If you want one more reason to pick the Steelers, it’s going to be a fairly cold game at Mile High Stadium on Sunday, and we all know how well Peyton Manning does in the cold..

Expert Pick and Final Score Projection:

I can’t see the Broncos losing this one. There’s simply too much going against the Steelers. A fully healthy Broncos team (for the most part), should have no trouble decimating the lowly Steelers.

Final Score Projection:

Broncos 24 Steelers 10
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