2020 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Season Analysis

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Season Analysis

Written by on September 8, 2020

We are now just a matter of days away from the start of the season, which means that now might well be the best time to get in on the future bets in the NFL. Once teams start to pick up wins, you are going to see their odds shorten across the board, so now is when you are likely to get the best odds. We are going to look at all the teams in the league and talk about their chances of winning the division, conference, and Super Bowl, as well as looking at their win total for the year. Let’s get right to it so you can place your bets against their NFL odds.

Philadelphia Eagles 2020 Season Analysis | NFL Betting Predictions

It’s easy to forget that the Philadelphia Eagles are just 3 seasons removed from winning the Super Bowl. They have found just how tough it can be to get back to the top of the heap, although it certainly doesn’t help that injuries have been a big part of their storyline the last couple of seasons. This is a team that has routinely made the playoffs in the past 3 seasons, but can they get there again this year, and if they do, how far can they go. Let’s take a closer look at the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles and their odds for the coming season.

Eagles Win Total (O/U 9 ½)

If the Eagles are to top this win total, they are going to need to improve on what they have done in each of the last 2 seasons, where they finished 9-7. They are in a division that, outside of the Dallas Cowboys, is pretty weak, but I am still not entirely convinced that they can improve upon what they have delivered of late. A lot of their success is going to depend on Carson Wentz, and their other playmakers, staying healthy. I am leaning towards the UNDER.

Eagles to Win the Division (+130)

The odds for the Eagles to win the division are a little deceiving in that the bookies see the NFC East as being a 2-horse race this season. The Cowboys look to be the cream of the crop here, but they have failed to deliver the goods over the past few seasons despite having arguably one of the most talented teams in the conference. With a new coach, I think we see an uptick for the Cowboys, which means that the Eagles will likely finish second.

Eagles to Win the Conference (+1200)

The NFC was very tough indeed last season, so much so that the Eagles would not have made the playoffs with a 9-7 record if they had not won the division. You have to figure that there are 4, maybe 5, teams better off than the Eagles this season, which makes winning the NFC a bit of a longshot. That said, the Eagles did win a division and get 9 wins with a very injured team last year, so might they be a dark horse of they can stay healthy?

Eagles to Win the Super Bowl (+2400)

Let’s imagine for a second that we are correct in assuming that the Eagles will finish second in the East. That puts them in the Wild Card in what is a stacked conference. They would have a very difficult path to the Super Bowl, and I just don’t think they are good enough to go on a run that would need them to beat the likes of the Saints, Buccaneers, and 49ers. I just don’t see Philly winning it.

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