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Winning Predictions For 2016 NFL Week 5

Written by on July 15, 2016

So far, we have covered the opening 4 weeks of the upcoming season, and we are going to keep rolling on by taking a look at 2016 NFL Week 5. These guides are just out way of letting you know what’s on tap for the coming season, and you can rest assured that we have all sorts of great stuff lined up once the season actually begins. We will be taking in-depth looks at all the games this season, and making a few predictions that we hope will help you build your bankroll. The real NFL betting picks will be coming closer to the actual game times, but for now, let’s take a brief look at what Week 5 has in store for us.

Here’s a Closer Look At The Winning Predictions For 2016 NFL Week 5


Cardinals at 49ers

I have the 49ers as potentially being one of the worst teams in the league, and the Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinals this week sees them go against one of the best. The result here will probably be as expected.

Patriots at Browns

First game back after suspension for Tom Brady and he has to face the Browns. This one could get very ugly very quickly, with Mr. Brady out to prove a point.

Eagles at Lions

These two teams are very hard to handicap, as I really don’t know what we are going to get out of them this season. If you force me to make a pick here, I’ll go with the Lions at home.

Bears at Colts

The Colts have a shot at having a good season if Andrew Luck can steer clear of injury this time around. This is a game that they should be able to win in their own building.

Titans at Dolphins

These are a pair of teams that should be pretty evenly matched this season. Both have good young QB’s leading them, but I have to give the nod here to Tannehill and the Dolphins.

Redskins at Ravens

This looks like a very good match-up, and how the Redskins do this year is likely going to come down to how well Kirk Cousins plays. If he gets on a roll like he did last season, look out. The Redskins might just edge this one.

Texans at Vikings

Another pair of teams that look as though they will be pretty evenly matched. As is the case when you get this type of situation, you generally take the home team by default, but I do expect a close one here.

Jets at Steelers

The Jets were a surprise at 10-6 last year, but this is a team with an uncertain QB situation coming into this season. The Steelers are my pick to win the Super Bowl this season, and this looks like another win for them.

Falcons at Broncos

Atlanta have been saddled with an absolutely brutal schedule this season, and this is a fine example of that. I don’t like their chances on the road against the defending Super Bowl champions.

Bengals at Cowboys

While I like the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East this season, they look to be in a little tough here. The Bengals are a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and I like them to get the road win here.

Bills at Rams

Neither of these two teams are really in the playoff mix, in my opinion, as both have some frailties that are likely to get exposed by better teams. The Bills have better offensive weapons than the Rams, so let’s give them the win.

Chargers at Raiders

There was a little bit of a shift in the order of things in the AFC West last season, and that should continue this year. I like the Raiders to continue improving, and that means a win in this one.

Giants at Packers

We have a good one lined up for Sunday night, with Lambeau Field being out primetime destination. Should be a good one, and should be a Packers win.

Buccaneers at Panthers

A pair of divisive QB’s will take to the field on Monday night, with Jameis Winston and Cam Newton going head to head. Have to give this one to the Panthers.