NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 21st Edition

NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 21st Edition

The National Hockey League resumes their season on August 1. That’s great news for hockey fans. The two hub cities are both in Canada, Edmonton and Toronto. Check out an update on how training camps are going as well as other NHL nuggets of info so you can start planning ahead your bets against their NHL odds.

NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 21st Edition

NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  • When: September 22 – October 4
  • Where: TBD

NHL Stanley Cup Odds

  • Boston Bruins +500
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +500
  • Colorado Avalanche +700
  • Vegas Golden Knights +600
  • Louis Blues +900
  • Philadelphia Flyers +1200
  • Washington Capitals +1200
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1400
  • Dallas Stars +1400
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +2500
  • Edmonton Oilers +2500
  • Nashville Predators +4000
  • Vancouver Canucks +3500
  • Calgary Flames +4000
  • Carolina Hurricanes +3500
  • New York Islanders +4000
  • Winnipeg Jets +4000
  • Arizona Coyotes +4500
  • Minnesota Wild +4500
  • New York Rangers +3750
  • Florida Panthers +4000
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +3300
  • Chicago Blackhawks +6600
  • Montreal Canadiens +8000

NHL on schedule to get back on the ice

The National Hockey League doesn’t seem to want to do anything the easy way. Although training camps appear to be running smoothly, the NHL installed a new way for teams to designate injuries, positive Covid-19 tests, and anything else that could prevent a player from practicing.

To protect a player’s medical history, the league announced before training camps that they’d have an injury non-disclosure policy. This means, teams won’t release why players aren’t participating in training camps or games.

All players will be designated as “unfit to practice” without any other information. Although the policy does keep a players’ medical information private, it causes confusion among fans, team personnel, and even other players on the same team.

Boston Bruins player David Pasternak was listed as “unfit to practice”. But, then, a few fans saw him skating at a local ice rink.

Pasternak’s agent came out and said David was self-quarantining because although he tested negative for Covid-19, he had been exposed to it.

How NHL bettors should navigate the “unfit to practice” rule

For NHL bettors, the unfit to practice designation raises some issues. How can we be certain that an injury isn’t awful enough to affect our wager?

We can’t. That means we must stay away from betting on teams with “unfit to practice” players. The good news is that we’re used to navigating games with injured players. This is hockey where players get injured on the daily.

So, when the NHL restart happens, we want to make sure to handicap the games based on all injured players like we normally do.

An injury is an injury. It doesn’t matter what caused the injury. If the player won’t participate in the game we’re handicapping, we don’t care why. We just know they won’t participate.

National Hockey League returns to action on August 1

The National Hockey League gets back onto the ice on the first day in August. Although we may want to wait before placing wagers on specific games, we should consider making a Stanley Cup Finals futures wager.

The Bruins have become co-favorites to win the Cup along with the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you don’t like either one of those teams, what’s wrong with the defending champion Blues, Washington Capitals, or Toronto Maple Leafs?

Speaking of the Leafs, they’re one of just two “home” teams. The Edmonton Oilers are the other. Get your Stanley Cup Finals wagers in before the first puck drops on August 1 to ensure you get the fairest odds.

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