How to Bet Live on NHL

How to Bet Live on NHL

Live betting is the new goldmine for sportsbetting enthusiasts and it is here to stay. So, the sooner you learn about how to reap profits through it, the better it will be for your pockets. In the article, we will be offering you an elementary guide on how to live bet on NHL odds and make loads of profits in the process.

How to Bet Live on NHL

Understanding NHL Live Betting

Live betting on NHL games simply refers to the action of placing bets on a given game (or games) once the match has started. Different sportsbooks offer a variety of live bets (including prop bets on certain aspects of the game such as the next goal scorer or the next team to concede), though the majority of books usually offer the following bets as their standard plays during intermissions:

For all 1st and 2nd period intermissions, you can live bet on

*Handicap lines

*Money lines

*Game totals

*Alternate Handicaps and Game Totals

To get rid of the practice of hedging bets, most sites allow you to bet just once on a given live play. For example, after the 2nd period, you can only bet on one money line, rather than hedging on both sides of the event.

In most sportsbooks, live odds are not offered after the third period (in tied games) mainly because of hassle involved in creating standard and well-representative lines for such unexpected actions. The same rule applies to having lines between Over Time (OT) and Shootouts. As you’d expect, though, there are a handful of books that have an exception to this rule. You can therefore search for such books in case you are interested in placing live bets for live NHL betting in the instance of OTs and shootouts.

Something else you should take note of is the fact that different sportsbooks offer different odds when you bet live on NHL games. Again, this is where research comes in handy. Prior to a game, you can shop for the best odds and find about the books that offer the actions you are interested in at the best possible value. And while you are at it, ensure that you learn about the limits on the site(s) you join, as most sportsbooks have restrictions as to how much you can bet on specific live bets. Typically, most sportsbooks allow for an increase in betting limits during high-profile games and the playoff season, with the remaining games having certain limits. But then again, this rule doesn’t apply to all sites that offer live NHL odds and lines.

Tips for Profitability in Live NHL Bets

Usually, the best way to encourage success in live bets is by knowing your teams in-and-out, including the players and the coaches (with their strengths and weaknesses), how the teams start and end games, when they are most likely to score, or even their ability to come from behind when trailing a game.

Once you have such information at your fingertips, design a strategic NHL live betting plan for the game, preferably prior to the live action. This is because ice hockey is a fast and furious game that can easily change in a matter of seconds, and the adrenaline that comes with watching the game can confuse you into placing wrong wagers. Having a pre-game strategy helps you avoid jumping into wrong bets, as the live action will more-or-less just help you to counter-check whether your live betting picks are correct.

Above everything else, always be ready to learn from other well-established live NHL betting enthusiasts, but remember that trusting your instincts is always the best way to go. After all, the final decision rests on you and not the so-called experts.

Rejoinder on NHL Live Betting

Like in other forms of betting, there is no magic formula that guarantees success or sure profits in live NHL betting; all you need to do is learn how to spots the right picks while balancing the potential risks and rewards in the action you are interested in. Generally, I believe this can be done by analyzing each game/event independently and looking for higher upside value picks, whether the favorite and underdog live bets.