NHL Daily Lines: Most Disappointing Teams for 2024 Regular Season

NHL Daily Lines: Most Disappointing Teams for 2024 Regular Season

Just a month away from the start of the postseason in the National Hockey League. You can tell the postseason is approaching with the action on the ice heating up. Let’s go today with the most disappointing teams with their current NHL odds, which are very much longshot odds, to win the Stanley Cup:


2024 NHL Regular Season Betting Analysis: Most Disappointing Teams | MyBookie NHL

2024 NHL Season | 107th season of the National Hockey League
Regular Season: October 10, 2023 – April 18, 2024


Minnesota Wild +15000

A postseason team a season ago, the Minnesota Wild head into their final 16 games, 9th in the Western Conference. While playing better hockey as of late, it may be too little too late for the Minnesota staple. The Wild are still -8 in goal differential, a lesson that you cannot dig yourself in too big of a hole in professional hockey. The Wild have struggled to score the puck, as they are in the bottom half of the league in scoring. Minnesota also has not been great on defense. The Wild are allowing 3.24 goals per game. If you are going to reach the postseason, you cannot be bottom half at both scoring goals and allowing goals. Minnesota will look to chase down Nashville, Los Angeles or Vegas, but they have a lot of work to do in the final couple weeks.

NHL Daily Line Minnesota MyBookie NHL Hockey Lines


Washington Capitals +15000

The Washington Capitals have been in the postseason year after year. This has been a consistent staple of the organization. But, 2024 looks to likely be the end of that. The Capitals have 19 games remaining and sit three points behind the final spots. They are chasing down Detroit and the New York Islanders. So, while it is still possible to get Washington to the postseason, they have been a big time disappointment. Washington is -27 in goal differential. They have gone 13-14-4 on the road this season. The Capitals are scoring just 2.65 goals per game, which ranks 29th in the league. They have been at the bottom of the league in faceoff percentage as well. This team needs a rehaul, and that will likely happen after these final few weeks of the postseason chase. Washington is +15000 to win the Stanley Cup as of March 13th.

NHL Daily Line Washington MyBookie NHL Hockey Betting Lines


Pittsburgh Penguins +18000

Another Eastern Conference team, with even worse odds than Washington. Another team that has been consistently in the postseason, and even gone through some postseason success. The Penguins appear to be heading home soon. Pittsburgh has 18 games remaining, and while losing four straight games, have fallen all the way down to 13th in the Eastern Conference. The Penguins are losing close games, as they are -5 in goal differential, but the fact of the matter is – they are not doing enough to win games. The Penguins are 25th in all of the National Hockey League in goals scored, with 2.8 per game. They also have one of the worst power play units in all of the league, converting on less than 15% of their chances. Pittsburgh sit 7 points, but have many teams to catch in the Eastern Conference.

NHL Daily Line Pittsburgh MyBookie NHL Hockey Lines


St. Louis Blues +30000

This is a franchise that is not too far removed from winning a Stanley Cup. Doug Armstrong looks like he needs to continue a total rebuild of the St. Louis Blues franchise. St. Louis fired their cup winning head coach Craig Berube this season due to lack of success on the ice. The Blues have 17 regular season games remaining, and sit 8 points out of a postseason spot. The Blues are chasing Minnesota, Vegas and Los Angeles, and potentially Nashville. St. Louis is 18-11-1 on the season, so they are hoping some of their final games can show their ability to win home games. But, at this point, they will likely need to go on a long win streak to have a chance to sneak in. St. Louis is 26th in the league in scoring with just 2.78 goals per game.

NHL Daily Line St. Louis MyBookie NHL Hockey Betting Lines


Calgary Flames +30000

The Flames are another Western Conference team that appears to be pretty cooked for this season. The Flames have 17 games remaining, and are 31-29-5 on the season. Calgary is right at .500 both at home and on the road. The Flames thought they may have an opening; but have dropped three in a row, and are now 12th in the Western Conference. The Flames are 30th in all of the league in power play. They are scoring on just over 14% of their chances. Defensively, Calgary has not been super sharp either, as they are allowing 3.2 goals per game. The Flames brought Nazem Kadri over, but do not think they expected him to be their top scorer in the middle of March. The Flames are listed at +30000 to win the Stanley Cup as we reach mid March.

NHL Daily Line Calgary MyBookie NHL Hockey Lines


Chicago Blackhawks – N/A

The Chicago Blackhawks do not have odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2024, because they are eliminated from contention. Sure, the expectations for the Blackhawks were low, but sitting at 18-43-5 is a surprise on its own. Connor Bedard did miss some time, but the organization did their best to put some talent around him. Chicago has been atrocious on the road this season. The Blackhawks come into Wednesday with just five road wins all season. The Blackhawks are -90 in goal differential on the season. Only the San Jose Sharks have been worse. Again, the Blackhawks were not supposed to make the postseason this season, but seeing more of a progression than 15th in the West was certainly a plan for Chicago. The Blackhawks are the worst offensive team in the league, scoring just 2.18 goals per game.

NHL Daily Line Blackhawks MyBookie NHL Hockey Lines

NHL Calendar for the Week

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2024 NHL Week 25 Schedule

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Monday, April 1, 2024
Florida   @  Toronto 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Detroit   @  Tampa Bay 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Pittsburgh   @  New York 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
New York   @  Philadelphia 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Colorado   @  Columbus 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Edmonton   @  St. Louis 9:00 PM  
Los Angeles   @  Winnipeg 9:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Seattle   @  San Jose 10:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Washington   @  Buffalo 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Florida   @  Montreal 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Pittsburgh   @  New Jersey 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Chicago   @  New York 7:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Boston   @  Nashville 8:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+ NESN
Ottawa   @  Minnesota 8:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Anaheim   @  Calgary 9:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Vancouver   @  Vegas 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Tampa Bay   @  Toronto 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
New Jersey   @  New York 7:00 PM TNT
Edmonton   @  Dallas 9:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Seattle   @  Los Angeles 9:30 PM TNT
Vancouver   @  Arizona 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Thursday, April 4, 2024
Tampa Bay   @  Montreal 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Florida   @  Ottawa 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Pittsburgh   @  Washington 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Boston   @  Carolina 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+ NESN
New York   @  Columbus 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
St. Louis   @  Nashville 8:00 PM  
Colorado   @  Minnesota 8:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Calgary   @  Winnipeg 8:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Los Angeles   @  San Jose 10:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Friday, April 5, 2024
Philadelphia   @  Buffalo 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
New York   @  Detroit 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Washington   @  Carolina 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Colorado   @  Edmonton 9:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Vegas   @  Arizona 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Seattle   @  Anaheim 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Saturday, April 6, 2024
Tampa Bay   @  Pittsburgh 1:00 PM  
Florida   @  Boston 3:30 PM  
Dallas   @  Chicago 3:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Winnipeg   @  Minnesota 4:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
St. Louis   @  San Jose 6:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Toronto   @  Montreal 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
New Jersey   @  Ottawa 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Philadelphia   @  Columbus 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Nashville   @  New York 7:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Edmonton   @  Calgary 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Vancouver   @  Los Angeles 10:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Sunday, April 7, 2024
Buffalo   @  Detroit 1:00 PM TNT
Minnesota   @  Chicago 3:30 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Columbus   @  Carolina 5:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Ottawa   @  Washington 6:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Arizona   @  San Jose 6:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Nashville   @  New Jersey 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Montreal   @  New York 7:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
St. Louis   @  Anaheim 8:00 PM NHLPP|ESPN+
Dallas   @  Colorado 10:00 PM  

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There you have it. With the postseason coming up, we figured it was a great time to give our regular season betting analysis and talk about the most disappointing teams. Enjoy the rest of the National Hockey League season and best of luck! We cannot wait to see the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the great action it brings to the ice!  

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2021 Most Disappointing Teams in the League

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2021 NHL Season Review – The Most Disappointing Teams in the League

While a handful of teams have exceeded expectations this season, at the opposite end of the spectrum, several teams have come up well short of their Stanley Cup championship hopes. This look at those clubs will both, inform and entertain. Let’s get started so you can continue making your bets against their NHL odds.


The Flyers went 41-21-7 a year ago while reaching the Eastern Conference semifinals. This season though, Philly has far underachieved while getting left on the outside looking in come playoff time. After finishing seventh in scoring and goals allowed a year ago, the Flyers rank 15th in scoring (2.8 GPG) and a pitiful 31st in goals allowed (3.6 GPG). Goalie Carter Hart was supposed to be the future in net in Philadelphia, but right now, the future looks dim at best.


The Stars went 37-24-8 a year ago while making a fantastic run to the Stanley Cup Finals. Despite coming up short against Tampa Bay, Dallas entered the 2020-21 campaign as one of the top favorites to get back to the finals. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened. Dallas is currently 21-18-14 while ranking 19th in scoring (2.7 GPG) and ninth in goals allowed (2.6 GPG). It’s back to the drawing board for the Stars as we get set for the end of the regular season.

St. Louis

The Blues recorded the top record in the Western Conference last season, one year after winning the Stanley Cup title. This season though, St. Louis is 24-19-5 while ranking 13th in scoring (3.0 GPG) and 22nd in goals allowed (3.1 GPG). St. Louis ranks in the bottom third in almost every meaningful defensive statistical category and that just won’t be good enough to get it done this season, even though the Blues are set to reach the playoffs.


The Canucks went 36-27-6 a year ago while finishing third in the Pacific Division. This season though, Vancouver is 20-25-3 and sitting in last place in the North Division standings. The Canucks rank 27th in scoring (2.6 GPG) and an identical 27th in goals allowed (3.3 GPG) while ranking 24th or worse in every meaningful defensive statistical category.


The Predators went 35-26-8 a year ago while finishing fourth in the Central Division standings. This season though, Nashville is 29-23-2 and in fourth place in the Central Division. The Predators aren’t the biggest disappointment in the league, but they’ve also failed to improve on either side of the puck while ranking 22nd in scoring (2.6 GPG) and 16th in goals allowed (2.8 GPG).



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