2020 Olympics Betting Update: Japan is Still in A State of Emergency

2020 Olympics Betting Update: Japan is Still in A State of Emergency

The closer we get to the start of the 2020 Olympics in 2021, the more questions we seem to have to answer. Check out the latest info on the Summer Olympic Games in Japan starting on July 23. Let’s get right to it so you can continue planning your bets against their Olympics odds.

2020 Olympics Betting News & Rumors | June 21st Update

2020 Olympics in 2021

  • When: July 23 – August 8

Coronavirus will be the story at the 2021 Olympics

As of June 1, Japan remains in a state of emergency due to COVID-19. Not only that, but a majority of Japanese would prefer if the nation canceled the Olympics.

The reason? The Rising Sun has one of the lowest vaccination rates, which sort of makes sense because the rate of infection in Japan is less than in almost every other country on the planet. 

But that’s the double-edged sword. Japanese haven’t got vaccinated in large numbers against the coronavirus due to low rates of infection. In about a month, though, athletes from all over the world who have been exposed to COVID-19 will descend upon Japan.

What the Japanese are worried about, heck, what the world is worried about is the rest of the world bringing coronavirus to the Japanese, not the Japanese infecting athletes. That’s a problem.

The worry wouldn’t hold as much weight if a Ugandan Olympic Athlete hadn’t already tested positive for the virus. Right now, things don’t look great. It could get worse. 

Biden Administration wary of Olympics in Japan

Although Japan’s rate of infection is lower than most nation’s, it does appear to be on the rise, which is why the Biden Administration warned U.S. citizens from traveling to Japan for the 2020 Olympics.

In a statement, the Center for Disease Control said, “Travelers should avoid all travel to Japan. Because of the current situation in Japan, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Japan.”

The current travel level is 4. Level 3 means reconsider travel. Level 4 means do not travel. 

So far, the vaccines have proven to be effective against COVID-19 variants. But, again, just because a vaccinated person doesn’t feel sick, it doesn’t mean that person doesn’t carry the coronavirus or one of its variants.

Richardson dominates 100 meters, Crouser Breaks shot put record

Right now, the U.S. Government has kept athletes in limbo. Japan has said they won’t cancel the 2020 Olympics.

Even though the Biden Administration has yet to give U.S. athletes their okay to compete in the Olympics, U.S. athletes are preparing as if the games will happen. 

At the U.S. Olympic Trials in Oregon, Ryan Crouser broke the shot put world record, swimmer Ryan Lochte failed to qualify, and sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson won the 100-meter final with a time of 10.86.

American athletes are ready. Right now, the jury is out on if Japan is ready, or if the Biden Administration will give U.S. Athletes their blessing to travel.