2020-21 Ligue 1 Championship Betting Odds & More

2020-21 Ligue 1 Championship Betting Odds & More

Written by on May 13, 2021

With only a few matchdays left, three teams in French Ligue 1 have a chance to win the season title. Lille is a low-priced favorite, Paris Saint-Germain is second-choice, and As Monaco is the underdog. Check out Ligue 1 odds, analysis, and two big questions heading into the new season. 

Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain, Lille, and Monaco Battle for the Title

2020 – 2021 French Ligue 1 Season

  • When: August 21, 2020 – May 23, 2021

French Ligue 1 Championship Odds

  • Paris Saint-Germain +300
  • Lille -400
  • As Monaco +25000

Does Paris Saint-Germain have a realistic chance of catching Lille?

It won’t be easy. Although Paris is 3 points behind Lille, they’re up against it to win the title. 

PSG has 3 matches left, but one is a French Coup de France game. The other two are against teams Paris can and should beat, Stade de Reims and Brest.

Lille, though, plays against Saint-Etienne and Angers. Saint-Etienne is on a 2-match winning streak. Lille has won 4-of-5 with the fifth game a draw

Etienne and Lille drew in the last head-to-head. If they draw in the rematch on May 16, it may not help Paris Saint-Germain enough. Angers, Lille’s second opponent, should have no shot at the upset.

At +300, PSG may be the underlay. Lille offers -400 odds. The -400 could represent easy money.

Is As Monaco worth a look at the huge odds?

The chances of As Monaco beating Lille are about what the odds show, +25000. Monaco is five points behind Lille heading into their final two matches.

Five points is a lot because Lille plays a couple of squads they should beat. Between Monaco and PSG, though, Monaco is a much better play.

If you go against Lille with a couple of matches left, why not go against Lille with the highest-priced choice on the board? If Lille implodes, and Paris Saint-Germain falters, As Monaco could sneak into a French Ligue 1 season title.

Stranger things have happened and the odds are astronomical. So if you like to swing for the fences, backing As Monaco is a decent swing.  

What are the chances Kylian Mbappe moves on from Paris Saint-Germain?

Mbappe’s contract with Paris expires in 2022. The twenty-two year-old may be on the move because Neymar has committed to PSG until 2025.

There’s a good chance a team like Man City, Manchester United, or Real Madrid makes a play for Mbappe. Also, he wants to be the star striker on a squad and even though he’s enjoyed playing with Neymar, it’s difficult seeing the duo lasting.

Expect Mbappe to leave. Paris Saint-Germain may move Mbappe this summer. If they know he’ll leave after next season, why wait until the contract ends? 

Is Ronaldo at PSG a realistic possibility or a pipe dream?

Ronaldo and Juventus should be over, which is why Neymar has some hope Ronaldo decides to join Paris Saint-Germain. But even though Neymar wants to play with Ronaldo, the great Portuguese player has shown no desire to move to Paris.

Ronaldo would like to go back to either Real Madrid or Manchester United. The problem? How much soccer does he have left and would either squad want him back?

Neymar could get his wish if Paris Saint-Germain loses Mbappe, a possibility, and Real and Man U spurn the Great One’s overtures. Expect drama to ensue after May 23, the final matchday for most European soccer leagues. 

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