2022 UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Liverpool Odds to Win the Final

2022 UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Liverpool Odds to Win the Final

Liverpool heads into the UEFA Champions League Final the chalk to beat Real Madrid and win the Champions Finals trophy. Pool began the season one of the favorites to win the title. We’ll have an in depth analysis of the title match later this month. For now, we must analyze the UEFA Champions League Odds on Liverpool to beat Real at Saint Denis on May 28. Does the chalk offer fair handicap and moneyline odds? Keep reading for our analysis.  

Liverpool Odds and Analysis for the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

UCL Finals Liverpool Odds to Win

Liverpool handicap odds analysis

Liverpool is -½ on the handicap. The -½ says that if Liverpool wins, even if they win by a goal, you win your bet if you backed Pool on the handicap.

If the Reds and El Blanco draw, though, you lose your bet. The one thing to remember about the Asian Handicap in soccer betting is that it’s designed to take away the draw, which is why the payout is often lower on the handicap.

So if Liverpool were at -¼, or -.25 instead of -.5, you backed Pool on the handicap, and the match finished in a draw, you’d lose half your bet. So at the current handicap odds, Liverpool loses on the draw and on an outright loss. 

Of course, if Liverpool wins by a goal at the end of regulation and you bet on the Reds, you win your bet. So is Liverpool a good play on the handicap? Not really. The -½ doesn’t help much.

Liverpool Handicap Odds – Play or Pass: Pass      

Liverpool moneyline odds analysis

Now that we’ve established that Liverpool fans should pass on the handicap odds, it’s important to look at the moneyline odds on the Premier League squad. 

Liverpool is in terrific form. Before the Reds’ match versus Aston Villa on May 10, Liverpool had won 5-of-6. Pool drew 1-1 with Tottenham on May 7.

But before knocking Pool for the draw, it’s important to note that Tottenham had headed into the match playing their best soccer of the season. The Hotspur had dominated Leicester 3-1 in their previous match.

More importantly, Liverpool offers above even money to beat Real Madrid. On paper, it looks as if Real dominated Man City 3-1 in their second semifinal leg.

But in reality, Real scored their first goal in minute 90, their second goal in minute 91 and their third goal via a penalty kick in minute 95. Liverpool faces a team that got lucky towards the end of their second leg aggregate in the semifinals.

 No doubt, Pool will be ready to take Karim Benzema, Real’s best player, out of the match and it’s difficult to see anybody stopping Sadio Mane or Mohamed Salah. So if you like Liverpool, the moneyline odds make them more than playable.

Liverpool ML Odds – Play or Pass: Play if you like Liverpool 


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