UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis Updated Manchester City Odds

UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Updated Manchester City Odds

Before the Champions League Round of 16, Manchester City, along with Bayern Munich, was one of two favorites to win the Champions League. After the Round of 16, City became the outright chalk, and after the Round of 8, City became a co-favorite with Premier League rival Liverpool. Now at +125 odds in a four-team shake, Manchester City has become a value play. Keep reading for an Champions League odds analysis of why the Sky Blues will win the Champions League, why they won’t, and if Manchester City makes it to this year’s Champions League Final.  

Manchester City’s Odds to Win the 2022 UEFA Champions League | Soccer Betting

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Champions League Man City Odds to Win & Odds Analysis

  • Manchester City +125

The odds make Man City more than playable to lift this year’s Champions League trophy. City offered slightly better odds before the Round of 16. 

But City must win just one more aggregate, this time against Real Madrid, to ensure a spot in the CL Finals. So at anything over even money, Manchester City, who lost in last year’s Champions League Finals to rival Chelsea, offers fair odds. 

Why Manchester City will win the 2022 UEFA Champions League title

The Sky Blues boast the best starting eleven in all of soccer. Ederson in goal, Sterling at the top, and a ridiculous midfield that includes Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, and Phil Foden gives City the edge to control possession no matter who they play.

When Jesus isn’t in his best form, the Sky Blues can sub Jack Grealish, who wears the 10. Riyad Mahrez can sub for Jesus or Sterling.

We also can’t forget about Bernardo Silva, Kyle Walker, Jao Cancelo, and John Stones. So, yes, Man City is formidable. 

Why Manchester City won’t win the 2022 UEFA Champions League title

City had almost the same squad in last year’s Champions League Final and they couldn’t get by a Premier rival in Chelsea. So if Manchester City couldn’t beat Chelsea, why do we believe they can beat their likely finals opponent, Liverpool?

If it comes down to Pool and the Sky Blues, we must give the Reds the edge. They beat Man City in the last head-to-head, an FA Cup Semifinal match, 3-2. 

Pool drew 2-2 versus Manchester City in the head-to-head before. The Reds are loaded. There’s also the fact the Sky Blues must get by Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid squad in a 2-match aggregate to even make it to the Champions League Final match. 

Final Betting Analysis: Manchester City +125 to win the Champions League

At first glance, it looks as if Real Madrid has a shot to take down the Sky Blues. Karim Benzema dominated Chelsea and Real has a massive 15-point lead over Barcelona in LaLiga.

But this season, the Premier’s quality is much better than the Primera Division’s quality. Chelsea, City, and Liverpool might be the three best club teams in the world. 

The Sky Blues could be the best team among the three. If Ederson starts in goal and De Bruyne plays at his top form, Real won’t win the aggregate, which means if you like the Sky Blues to take the Champions League, grab the +125 odds before City knocks out Real.  

Manchester City Prediction: Make it to the CL Finals 


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