Top UEFA European Clubs Betting News Bayern After Konrad Laimer, Juve Looses de Light

Top UEFA European Clubs Betting News: Bayern After Konrad Laimer, Juve Looses de Light

Barcelona pulled off a masterclass in how a motivated club can get what they want. Juve lost a couple of players from the 2021 squad while Bayern continues to add pieces to their super team. Check the latest UEFA Clubs Soccer Betting rumors.

UEFA Top European Soccer Clubs Betting Rumors, Trades & Transfer Talks | July 21ST Edition

2022 UEFA Soccer Clubs Summer Transfer Window

  • When: June 10 – September 1

Barcelona completes deal for Lewa and keeps Dembele

Barcelona bought their way into LaLiga and Champions League contention by transferring the great Robert Lewandowski. The top goal scorer in Bayern’s history joins one of the youngest squads in the Primera Division.

After losing Messi, many soccer handicappers put a fork into Barcelona. Somehow, someway, the brain trust at Camp Nou keeps making moves that shake things up. Lewandowski, even at 33, remains the best striker on the planet. He will immediately pay dividends. 

Barca didn’t just obtain Lewandowski. They gained Lewa and also retained Ousmane Dembele. The burgeoning French star is 25. Dembele and Lewa should be close to impossible to stop.

So far, Frenkie de Jong remains a Camp Nou resident. If Dembele, Lewandowski, and de Jong can develop the right chemistry, Barcelona, practically overnight, becomes a Champions League contender. 

Bayern hoping to follow up de Ligt transfer with Laimer

Bayern first made a play for Sadio Mane, one of the top five best players on the planet. But Munich didn’t stop there.

The German Bundesliga power went after and transferred Matthijs de Ligt from Juventus. But although Bayern has already solidified their position as the best team in the Bundesliga, Munich isn’t done yet.

Bayern has their sights on RB Leipzig Konrad Laimer. The 25-year-old Austrian would be a great fit. Laimer won’t have to start and he’d learn in arguably the top franchise in any UEFA soccer league.

For Bayern, grabbing Laimer takes a key player away from a Bundesliga rival. The move looks like a win-win for everyone except Leipzig.   

Juve doesn’t just lose de Ligt, they also lose Dybala 

Juventus not only lost de Ligt, but Dybala left to rival Roma on a free transfer. Losing both might seem like a blow, but it’s not. 

Maximiliano Allegri has had his most success when his teams are defense first squads. Juventus was a defense first team before signing Ronaldo. 

It appears that defense will once again rule at Juve. While losing de Ligt and Dybala isn’t ideal, Allegri did sign former Torino defenseman Bremer. 

The 25-year-old Brazilian is turning into one of the world’s better backs. Bremer will get incredible experience this November playing for the World Cup favorites. 

The fee was 41 million euros. Barca transferred Lewandowski for 45 million euros, which means Juve opened the pocket book for a defender.

If Allegri is successful in recreating the top defensive teams that routinely challenged for the Serie A and Champions League titles, watch out. Few managers have the ability to put together a team that plays perfectly in their system. Allegri is one so if he makes the right moves, it won’t matter if Juve has a star striker or not, the team will be a force.  


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