Liverpool vs Real Madrid Odds and Picks - 2022 UEFA Champions League Final Betting

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Odds and Picks – 2022 UEFA Champions League Final Betting

On Wednesday, UEFA crowns a Europa League Champion when Glasgow Rangers take on Eintracht Frankfurt. After Wednesday’s match, we must wait ten days until May 28 before the Champions League crowns their 2022 champion. Ten days out, the odds favor English Premier League power Liverpool. Check out current UEFA Champions League Odds as well as an odds analysis. 

Updated Champions League Final Odds Analysis | Liverpool vs Real Madrid Betting Preview

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Real Madrid Odds to Win the Champions League 

The Real handicap is almost unplayable. It’s not that +½ is a bad thing. Getting half of your stake back in the case of a draw is always positive. 

But we must lay -133 for the the ½, and that’s not a good thing, which is why if you believe in Real, the best bet on the board in regards to El Blanco is to back Real to win this straight up. 

Real has already knocked out two of the three best teams in the Premier. Chelsea fell to El Blanco. Then Real mounted a miraculous comeback victory against Man City. So if you believe Real makes it three in a row versus the best the EPL has to offer, back them to win in regulation.  

Best Bet on Real Madrid: +235

Liverpool Odds to Win the Champions League 

Liverpool is on a mission to win the four top English soccer club titles. Pool has already won the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. The Reds have an outside chance of winning the Premier League.

If the Reds don’t notch the Premier League, that’s okay, because Liverpool believes they will win the Champions League. 3-of-4 isn’t bad at all.

The handicap odds are fair, but why waste time on the handicap when Pool is motivated? So if you like Liverpool, and aren’t worried that Mohamed Salah may not be one-hundred percent heading into the CL Finals, back the Reds on the moneyline.  

Best Bet on Liverpool: +111

Is the draw at +255 a good bet?

At first glance, +255 looks like a great bet. But Liverpool has a defensive advantage over Real Madrid. Pool’s backers, especially Virgil Van Djik, are fantastic. Alisson is one of the top goalies in the world. 

Knowing this, Carlo Ancelotti will instruct his team to pressure Liverpool’s defense as much as possible. One of two things will happen.

Liverpool will score easy goals on the counter. Or Ancelotti’s strategy will allow Real to be competitive in a shootout, much like they were versus Man City in the first semifinal leg.  

How about the +2 ½ total? Which is the better bet? Over or under?

El Blanco doesn’t have the defenders to blank Liverpool, which means Ancelotti will tell his players to be as aggressive as possible.

An aggressive Real team will score at least 1 goal. If Real is overly aggressive, Salah and Mane will punish El Blanco with goals. So we’re looking at 3 goals for sure.

Don’t be surprised if we see a Villarreal second leg repeat where Liverpool had to score 4 to beat Villarreal’s 3. 6 to 7 goals in regulation is not out of the question. So the best bet is over. 


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