Olympic Soccer: Groups Betting Analysis - 2024 Olympics Paris

2024 Olympics Paris: Group Betting Analysis for Men’s Olympic Soccer

Written by on July 5, 2024

While the European Championship and Copa America tournaments are now in the knockout stages, there is still one more major tournament to come before the European leagues start back their regular seasons.

That would be the Olympic Games soccer tournament, which is set to begin later this month in Paris, France.


My Analysis

This event follows a similar setup to the other major tournaments, but the players that can take part is a little different.

The 16 teams that qualified will be made up of most U-23 players, although each squad is allowed to have 3 over age players, so we might see some big names.

Let’s take a look at the group stage to see how it might all play out.


Group A

The clear favorite to win this group is Argentina, who are on course to add a Copa America to their World Cup win.

Lionel Messi has already been ruled out of this squad, but this is still a strong team that should dominate the group.

Morocco looks a good bet to take the 2nd place spot in this group, although Ukraine may have something to say about that.

Iraq is the longshot team in Group A.



Group B

Again, we have a clear favorite to come out of this group in the top spot, with Spain the team to beat here.

I think we are going to have an interesting battle for 2nd, with both Uzbekistan and Egypt in the mix.

Of those two, I would lean more toward Egypt to take it. The Dominican Republic squad look to be on a beating in this group, which could come down to goal difference for 2nd place.


Group C

The host nation, France are the favorites to come out of this group, with the United States the team most likely to take the 2nd spot.

Guinea could prove to be a handful for both teams, but I still believe they will come up short, while I fully expect New Zealand to be in the cellar in Group C.


Group D

This is easily the most open group of the 4, and you could easily make a case for each team to move on to the knockout stage.

Paraguay are the favorites to top the group, with Japan and Mali basically considered equal at this point.

Israel are the underdogs here, but they also cannot be counted out. If pushed to make a decision, I would go with Paraguay and Japan to move on.


Who Wins Gold?

If truth be told, I think the medal positions are pretty much set in stone here.

It is, in my opinion, all about narrowing down which country gets which medal. France is going to be tough at home, but I am looking at either Argentina or Spain to take the gold medal.

This, for me, is an absolute coin flip, but I am playing the chalk and taking Argentina to win it.

As far a a dark horse upsetting the apple cart goes, I would keep an eye on Morocco.


Betting Olympic Soccer Odds

When: Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Location: Paris, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux and Nantes
TV: NBC, USA Network, Peacock


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