Betting Predictions for the CONMEBOL Qualified Teams to the FIFA World Cup

Betting Predictions for the CONMEBOL Qualified Teams to the FIFA World Cup

Four CONMENBOL teams have stamped their tickets to the 2022 World Cup. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador, so far, are the teams that will represent South America in Qatar. Brazil and Argentina are top choices to win the WC with Brazil the outright chalk to take the title. Uruguay and Ecuador are big underdogs to win the World Cup. See below for FIFA World Cup odds, profiles, and predictions for the CONMEBOL teams that have qualified for the Qatar World Cup.   

CONMEBOL Teams in the World Cup Odds to Win

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Brazil +500

Brazil fans have reason to be bullish. Brazil can play Allison or Everson in goal. Both rank in the top five goalies in all UEFA leagues.

Alves, Silva, Marquinhos, Fred, Fabinho, Neymar, Richarlisson, Junior, Rodrygo, shall we go on? Brazil is loaded at every level, the current squad works together well, and Brazil should have no trouble handling Qatar’s dry heat.  

Anything less than a semifinal appearance would be a disappointment. But Brazil and its fans believe they can win the entire tournament, which is true. Brazil can win it all.

However, during FIFA WC Qualifying, the Brazilians weren’t always focused. Not only that, but Argentina bested Brazil in the Copa America final last year. So, yes, Brazil makes it to the semifinals, but that’s where the WC dream ends.  

World Cup Prediction: Semifinals   

Argentina +1000

The Argentinians will head to Qatar under the radar. Injuries can derail any team, but if Argentina stays healthy, they will have a big shot to win the World Cup.

Messi is the main reason, of course. The other reason, though, is because Argentina has learned how to succeed without Messi playing his best.

Inter Milan midfielder Lautaro Martinez is one of the best players in the world. 23-year-old Fiorentina forward Nicolas Gonzalez is developing into one of the best and 17-year-old Luka Romero has secured a spot with Lazio in Serie A.

Argentina can win it all for sure. Because of their odds, they’re a better play to take the title than Brazil, but winning a World Cup is tough and the Germans, Spanish, French, Belgians, and English are loaded. For Argentina, a quarterfinals finish seems possible. 

World Cup Prediction: Quarterfinals  

Uruguay +6600

Uruguay turned it on in recent qualifying matches, but in the WC, Luis Suarez’s squad doesn’t have the overall talent to make it past the Round of 16. The team just isn’t as solid as many other teams that have already qualified.

For sure, with the right draw, the Uruguayans can make the Round of 16 and then possibly even the quarterfinals, but after that, it’s tough seeing them moving forward. 

Even making the Round of 16 won’t be easy considering the depth of this year’s tournament. But because it’s Uruguay and because Suarez continues to play at a high level, we’ll make the 16 our prediction.  

World Cup Prediction: Round of 16 

Ecuador +15000

In their last WC qualifier, Paraguay dusted Ecuador 3-1. But Ecuador still managed to lock in a World Cup spot due to their excellent previous performances during qualification. 

Ecuador has almost zero chance of winning a World Cup match. It doesn’t matter the draw. Not really. The Ecuadorians are a tough, hard-nosed team, and they’re better than almost every squad in the CONCACAF.

But this is the World Cup where the best of the best will play. So unless the draw is incredibly favorable, Ecuador should provide a decent showing but not move on from group play.  

World Cup Prediction: Group Stage 


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