Seria A Odds Update for Season Restart AC Milan Top Pick, Lazio Underdog

Seria A Odds Update for Season Restart: AC Milan Top Pick, Lazio Underdog

No UEFA league is as deep as Italy Serie A, which is why it’s surprising that Napoli is such a big favorite over defending champion AC Milan. Napoli offers -234 odds while AC Milan is a +570 second choice. Third choice is Inter at +670 and Maximiliano Allegri’s Juventus squad is fourth choice at +760. Keep reading for updated Serie A Odds, analysis, and picks.

Updated Betting Predictions and Odds to Win the 2022-23 Serie A Title

2022-2023 Serie A Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2022 – June 4, 2023

Updated Serie A Odds to Win

  • SSC Napoli -234
  • AC Milan +570
  • Inter Milano +670
  • Juventus Turin +760
  • AS Roma +5800
  • Lazio Rome +6000
  • Atalanta BC +7500
  • Udinese Calcio +65000
  • Torino FC +70000
  • ACF Fiorentina +75000
  • Sassuolo Calcio +125000

2021-2022 Serie A League Recap

Last season, AC Milan won their nineteenth title, beating defending champs Inter Milano 86-84. Napoli, this season’s favorite, finished third with 79 points.

Fourth place went to Juve. Lazio finished fifth, Roma finished sixth and seventh place went to Fiorentina. Atalanta, who is usually a contender, finished eighth.

2022-2023 Serie A League Picks
  • Top Pick: AC Milan +570

It won’t be easy for AC Milan to overtake chalk Napoli, that’s for sure. AC Milan is 8 points behind the Napoleons.

Making up 8 points over a team that rarely loses is difficult. However, if any team in Serie A can pull it off, it’s AC Milan.

The top choice to win Serie A has a fantastic mix of young and old. Olivier Giroud, one of France’s stars at the World Cup, is 36. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is 41.

Rafael Leo, one of Portugal’s rising stars is 23 and Serbia’s Marko Lazetic is just 18. Spanish midfielder Brahim Diaz is 23.

  • Second Pick: SSC Napoli -234

Napoli has a big lead over AC Milan. Not only that, but the Napoleons were on an amazing 13-match winning streak. Liverpool ended the streak with a 2-0 Champions League victory, a match that Napoli didn’t have to win.

If Napoli ends up playing the way they did before the break when Serie A teams next hit the pitch, no doubt, the chalk will win the trophy. But it’s tough to maintain brilliance for an entire season and, truth be told, Napoli doesn’t have Serie A’s most talented roster.

In addition, there’s a chance that Napoli’s best player, Nigerian forward Victor Osimhen, transfers in January.

  • Third Pick: Inter Milano +670

We’ve learned to never count out Inter. We should especially not count out Inter Milano this season because unlike past seasons, Inter stamped their ticked to the Champions League Round of 16 where they will take on Portuguese Liga squad Porto.

Inter is 11 points behind Napoli. So that could be an issue. But Lautaro Martinez, Inter Milano’s number 10, returns to the team after winning the World Cup with buddy Lionel Messi.

Inter is one of the best run soccer franchises in the world. Everyone also wanted to put a fork into Milano last year and they made it interesting at the end, almost winning the league.

  • Top Underdog Play: Lazio Rome +6000

Both Lazio and Inter sit at 30 points. If Napoli implodes, both should be in a decent position to challenge AC Milan at 33 points.

No doubt Inter makes a run to the top of the standings. The organization is too solid not to make a title run. Lazio is a different story.

Rome has a lot of talent but it’s older talent. Ciro Immobile, probably their best player, is 32. Pedro is 35.

But if the younger players develop into stars, especially 18 year old Argentinian Luka Romero, Lazio could climb to the top of the Serie A mountain. Because they offer such great odds, putting a few bucks on Lazio makes some sense.


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