Serie A Betting Update: Promoted Teams and Their Odds to Win the 2022-23 Title, and Relegated Teams

Serie A Betting Update: Promoted Teams and Their Odds to Win the 2022-23 Title, and Relegated Teams

AC Milan and Inter Milano battled all the way to Serie A’s final matchday. In the final matchday, AC Milan came out ahead, knocking Inter from their championship perch 86 points to 84. No doubt, AC and Inter will try to win this upcoming Serie A title. But before we can start handicapping for the new season, we must first take a look at teams that were relegated to Serie B and teams that were promoted, or will be promoted, to Serie A so you can make your bets against the Serie A Odds.

Promoted Teams Odds to Win the 2022-23 Serie A Title | Relegated Teams to the Serie B

2022-2023 Serie A Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2022 – June 4, 2023
2022-2023 Italian Serie A Odds to Win Promoted Teams
  • Lecce TBD
  • Cremonese TBD
  • Pisa / Monza TBD
Relegated to Serie B
  • Cagliari

This past season, Cagliari played well in more than one Serie A contest. The problem for Cagliari is that they couldn’t do enough in the final weekend to overtake Salernitana.

So Salernitana, who beat Cagliari by a point, gets to throw down in Serie A this upcoming season while Cagliari must play in Serie B. While Cagliari had no chance in Serie A, they should go off the favorite in most of their Serie B matches. 

  • Genoa

Genoa finished 2 points behind Cagliari on the Serie A Standings. Genoa’s goal differential was -33, a goal better than Cagliari’s -34.

Like Cagliari, Genoa played well in plenty of matches this past season. So also like their rivals, Genoa has to be taken seriously as a Serie B contender. The key for Genoa will be to turn some of their draws, they had 16 of them, into wins. 

  • Venezia 

Venezia lost 23 times this past season. But although Venezia had more losses than any other Serie A team, the last place squad’s goal differential of -35 was better than Salernitana’s -45.

Still, it’s difficult to suggest Venezia can match strides with Genoa or Cagliari in Serie B. Of the three, Venezia looks like the worst choice to win Serie B. 

Promoted to Serie A

  • Lecce

Serie B winner Lecce beat Cremonese 71 points to 69 points. Lecce has played in Serie A before. 

The team thoroughly dominated their Serie B opponents this past season. So we should expect Lecce to play well in home games. We may see overlay odds on Serie A’s top promoted team.   

  • Cremonese

Cremonese finished 2 points behind Lecce. The second promoted team actually won a game more than Lecce, 20 to 19, but Cremonese failed to win Serie B because they also lost more matches than Lecce. 

Cremonese should play well in Serie A. The team has some talent and the squad is used to winning. That doesn’t mean Cremonese challenges AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, or Atalanta for the Serie A title. But it does mean that the underdog can upset some teams in individual matches.    

Playing in Serie A Promotion Finals

  • Pisa
  • Monza

Pisa and Monza ended the season with 67 points. On May 29, the co-third place Serie B teams battle it out to see which team grabs the promotion. 

No matter which team wins, we should consider both live dogs in Serie A matches that happen on their pitch. Pisa and Monza are good enough to upset some teams if the contests happen on their field. So no matter who wins, pay attention in mid-August when the new Serie A season begins.  


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