Top LaLiga Betting Rumors for The Upcoming 2021-22 Season

Top LaLiga Betting Rumors for The Upcoming 2021-22 Season

Written by on May 27, 2021

The unthinkable may happen in Barcelona while Real Madrid could be on the hunt for two of the top strikers in the world. Premier League power Chelsea may dig into Real’s cookie jar and both Barca and Real could be eyeing the same manager. Check out the latest rumors surrounding LaLiga’s Spanish Primera Division so you can start planning your bets against their LaLiga odds.

LaLiga Rumors: Messi Done in Barcelona, Mbappe to Real Madrid, and other Rumors

2021-2022 LaLiga Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 2022

Real Madrid pursuing Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland?

Real has made it clear they want Mbappe. Mbappe wants to play for Real. Kylian has said glowing things about the organization.

The Erling Haaland rumor is somewhat new. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Both of Dortmund’s strikers, Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho, should be hot commodities during the transfer period. 

Any soccer club on earth would love to have either on their squad. Few teams are as positioned as Real to sign a player like Haaland. Squads like Manchester United will go for Sancho before Haaland because, financially at least, it works out better for them.

But Real will throw caution to the wind. Who knows? Maybe, RM manages a way to attract both Haaland and Mbappe, creating a striking super team. 

Barcelona to offer Messi a 2-year contract . . . will it be enough?

Barcelona wants to offer Messi a 2-year contract and a way for the greatest player in club history to end his career in Major League Soccer. Messi would sell out stadium after stadium.

Like in most nation’s, he’s a rock star in the United States. The U.S. also has a burgeoning soccer fan base. It grows almost exponentially year-to-year, which is why the offer could be enticing.

But the latest rumors has Messi and Pep Guardiola at Man City trying to work out a deal where the Sky Blues pay Messi a fixed, after tax, weekly rate for a season with an option for an extra season. Messi has run into tax issues in the past.

The Spanish Government squeezed both Lionel and his father for unpaid taxes. It makes sense why Messi would want to have nothing to do with taxes. Not only that, but under Guardiola’s tutelage, Messi thrived. So, yes, Messi in a Manchester City kit can happen. 

Chelsea could lure Eden Hazard away from Real

Eden Hazard’s stint at Real Madrid has been a disappointment. Injuries have kept Hazard from showing how effective he could be with Blanco, which is why Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea is looking to grab Hazard as soon as possible.

The Blues aren’t the only team looking to acquire Hazard’s services. Any team in the EPL, as well as Serie A squads like Roma and AC Milan, would be happy to have Hazard on their squad. The latest rumor is Real may ask for a 150 million euros transfer fee.

Although the rumor probably isn’t true, it does show that RM knows teams want Hazard. They won’t part ways with Hazard without something in return.  

Is Barcelona or Real Madrid making a play for Inter Milan manager Antonio Conte?

Antonio Conte helped Inter Milan break Juventus’ stranglehold on the Serie A title. Then, Inter forced him to resign. The much sought after manager could be in line for either one of the top jobs in La Liga.

Barcelona hasn’t said whether they’re keeping Ronald Koeman. If Messi bolts, Koeman could be the fall guy. Also, even though Koeman has done an admirable job considering Barca’s roster, he didn’t win La Liga and Barca bowed out of the Champions League before the semifinals.

Zinedine Zidane resigned from managing Real Madrid. Real could build a super team if they attract both Mbappe and Haaland and keep Modric and Isco. Conte would find success at either club.

Not only did Conte win the Serie A title with Inter, but he won three with Juventus. He also won the Premier with Chelsea and the FA Cup. After studying this year’s Inter Milan roster, it’s obvious the man knows how to manage a soccer club. 

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