UEFA Euro Cup 2020 Betting Odds & Predictions

UEFA Euro Cup 2020 Betting Odds & Predictions

Written by on June 10, 2021

France, England, Belgium, and the rest of the top international soccer teams on planet Earth are about to embark on the every two year quest for the UEFA European Championship. The Euros were supposed to happen last year. But because of the pandemic, UEFA switched the tournament from 2020 to 2021. Still, all the marketing material says Euro 2020. UEFA is just playing the tournament a year later. So which teams offer the best odds to win Euro 2020? Check out our Euro Cup odds analysis of one of the biggest tournaments of the year. 

Soccer Betting: 2020 UEFA European Championship Preview

UEFA European Championship – Euro 2020

  • When: June 11, 2021 – July 11, 2021

Euro 2020 Odds To Win

  • France +450
  • England +500
  • Belgium +550
  • Germany +700
  • Portugal +800
  • Spain +800
  • Italy +800
  • Netherlands +1400
  • Denmark +2500
  • Croatia +3300
  • Turkey +5000
  • Ukraine +5000
  • Switzerland +6600

Which team among France, England, and Belgium offers the fairest odds to win Euro 2020?

Harry McGuire, Manchester United’s top backer, is injured. McGuire won’t play for England. Neither will Liverpool star Jordan Henderson. But the English are loaded at the forward position. Led by Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Dortmund star Jadon Sancho, England should make their presence felt at this Euro.

So should favorite France. The French boast the deepest forward talent at the Euros. Kylian Mbappe is as talented as a striker as there is in soccer. Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann are also excellent. The key for France is Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid midfielder could be the difference for France in the tournament.

But the French, as good as they look on paper, and the English, even with their striking talent, shouldn’t offer lower odds than Belgium. FIFA ranks Belgium first in the world.

The reason? Inter Milan star Romelulu Lukaku is a top five striking talent and Kevin De Bruyne may be the best player on any team. Eden Hazard is another player who could star for the Belgians. Belgium is the best play among the favorites.   

Does Germany, Portugal, Spain, or Italy offer the best odds compared to their chances of winning the UEFA European Championship?

Ronaldo has a nice supporting cast. But the Juventus striker wasn’t in his best form to end Serie A play. In fact, Juvy sat Ronaldo in Juventus’ final Serie A game. If Ronaldo isn’t at his best, Portugal won’t win the UEFA Championship. 

Spain and Germany are always a threat. The Spanish could have a disappointing tournament, though. Captain Sergio Basquets is quarantining at home after testing positive for COVID-19. Germany is an aging squad. They don’t seem to have the fire, or a Michael Ballack type of player, they’ve had in past tournaments. 

That leaves us with Italy. It feels as if were on the verge of a new age in Italian soccer. Italy has young talent like Federico Chiesa and the strongest midfield at the Euros. Give the Italians a chance. 

Which two teams among Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Switzerland offer overlay odds compared to their chances to win the Euro 2020 trophy?

The one squad that stands out among this group are the Danes. Denmark has shown brilliance in their FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches.

Not only that, but opponents in Group B, including favorite Belgium, must all travel to Copenhagen to play the Danes. Denmark will send European soccer club talent like RB Leipzig player Yousef Poulsen and Chelsea fullback Andreas Christensen to the pitch.

Denmark is the best underdog to back. If you’re looking for a secondary underdog play, go with Austria. Denmark dominated Austria 4-0 in a WC qualifier earlier this year. 

However, the Austrians will send 21 European club players to the field, including Real Madrid defender David Alaba. Also, the odds are ridiculous. So if you want to swing for the fences, Austria represents a decent swing.

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