FIFA 2022 World Cup Betting Predictions: Teams That Won't Make it to the Big Stage

FIFA 2022 World Cup Betting Predictions: Teams That Won’t Make it to the Big Stage

14 teams have qualified for the World Cup. 10 of the 14 come from Europe. Both Brazil and Argentina have qualified. So has South Korea and Iran. Qatar gets an automatic bid making the total World Cup participants 15. It’s important to know which teams have qualified. It’s equally important to know which teams have been eliminated and which squads could end up on the elimination floor. Check out a list of nations that won’t participate in the 2022 World Cup, countries that should soon be eliminated from this year’s WC, and an update info on the UEFA play-in tournament happening next month. Let’s get right to it so you keep planning your bets against the FIFA World Cup Odds.

Soccer Betting Analysis for the Teams that Will Miss the World Cup

2022 World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18
  • Where: Qatar

Teams eliminated from taking part in the World Cup

  • Syria
  • China PR
  • Vietnam
  • Honduras
  • Paraguay 
  • Venezuela

The most surprising team on this list is Paraguay. Historically, the Paraguayans field a soccer team on par with Ecuador’s, Peru’s, and even Uruguay’s. But the CONMENBOL squad won’t have a shot to play in this year’s WC.

Honduras fell by 3 goals to the U.S. in their last World Cup Qualifying tournament. Honduras is out as well. China’s lack of a WC team is sort of surprising. 

The Chinese figured to bolster their soccer program. After all, China is one of the top Olympic nations in the world. So not even making the WC is strange. 

Teams Likely to be eliminated from taking part in the World Cup

  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • El Salvador
  • Jamaica
  • Chile 
  • Bolivia

Among the teams that should end up on the World Cup cutting room floor, no team surprises as much as Chile. In the past couple of World Cups, Chile had climbed to Uruguay and Colombia status in the CONMENBOL. The Chileans not making the tournament would be a huge surprise. 

The rest of the teams on this list make sense. Jamaica and El Salvador are quality squads, but they have little chance of breaking up the Canada, United States, Mexico CONCACAF triumvirate. Costa Rica should be the fourth team from the CONCACAF that grabs a WC slot.

Lebanon, Iraq, and Oman aren’t good enough for World Cup bids. 

UEFA World Cup Qualifying Tournament Update

UEFA will send 3 more teams to the World Cup. A single team from Group A, Group B, and Group C will participate. 

Group A

  • Wales vs Austria
  • Scotland vs Ukraine

Which team will make qualify for the World Cup from Group A?

At least 21 European club team players step onto the pitch for Austria. The Austrians should beat Wales and then knockout the Ukraine or Scotland.

The Ukraine has a good soccer team. So if you’re thinking upset, consider backing the Ukraine.  

Group B

  • Russia vs Poland
  • Sweden vs Czech Republic

Which team will make qualify for the World Cup from Group B?

Who knows which team will reign in Group B? The Czech Republic made a sweet run to the Euro semifinals. Robert Lewandowski plays for Poland so the Polish have a shot.

Russia is a solid club while Sweden boasts enough star players to easily win the group. Matches in the UEFA play-in tournament don’t happen until late March. So there’s plenty of time to do your homework. 

Group C

  • Portugal vs Turkey
  • Italy vs North Macedonia 

Which team will make qualify for the World Cup from Group C?

The worst part about Group C is that one of the last two Euro winners, Portugal in 2016 and Italy in 2021, won’t stamp a ticket to the 2022 World Cup.

Portugal and Italy both have a shot. Ronaldo remains a force for Portugal. Also, Liverpool forward Diego Jota is Portuguese. Jota is quickly becoming one of the top strikers in the world. 

Italy is loaded. Federico Chiesa is their top forward while few teams boast a midfielder as talented Nicolo Barella. Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma might be the best keeper on the planet. 

Do your homework for sure because although both Portugal and Italy are strong, both can’t qualify for the 2022 World Cup. If we had to pick right now, lean towards backing Italy. Man-to-man Italy looks stronger than Portugal.


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