NCAAF 2021 Regular Season Total Wins Betting Preview

NCAAF 2021 Regular Season Total Wins Betting Preview

In most major sports, it is wins and losses that define just how good, or bad, a team is. It also decides who goes to the playoffs and who watches from home. You have to say that those wins and losses take on even more meaning in college football, as the chances of making the playoffs get close to zero the moment a team takes their second loss of the season. As you can see, that means that there is very little margin for error in the college game, but it is also what makes the regular season win total wagers that much more appealing. The totals for the 2021 season have been set and we thought it might be fun to look at the win totals for all the teams favored to win the Power 5 Conferences. After all, these are the teams most likely to be in the final four. With all in that mind, let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against their NCAAF Regular Season Wins odds.

NCAA  –  College Football Regular Season Wins


This conference has been totally dominated by the Clemson Tigers for years now, which is why they are in at -700 to win it again. There is very little in the way of real competition for them here, which is why their win total is set at 11 ½. What that means is that they need to go unbeaten through the regular season. You might not see that as much of a problem, but they open their season against the Georgia Bulldogs, a team that a lot of people think might be looking at a playoff spot this season. That alone makes it very hard to take the Tiger to go over. If they win that game, though, it might be time to place that over bet.

Big 12

The Big 12 is in a bit of turmoil at the moment, as both Oklahoma and Texas have made it clear that they want to jump ship and move to the SEC. None of that will come into play until 2025 if a move is approved, so let’s focus on this season. Oklahoma is at -220 to win the conference, which seems like a good bet, but their win total is set at 11. This is a team that is known for getting sucked into shootout games, not all of which they win. The over here looks dodgy and I think the best you could hope for us a push.

Big Ten

We have another clear favorite in the Big ten, with the Ohio State Buckeyes once again tipped to dominate. They are in at -200 to win the conference, which seems more than fair. With that, though, comes very high expectations, with their win total set at 11. There are some definite trip-up games on their schedule, so there is definitely a chance that they could drop one along the way. A push or the under looks like the best bet here.

PAC 12

If you are looking for better odds for a conference winner, then the PAC 12 is the place to be. This looks to be a tight race, but it is Oregon who are in as favorites to win it at +240. The PAC 12 has been out of the playoffs for a few years now and is probably the weakest of the Power 5 Conferences. That is perhaps why the Ducks win total is set at 9. If they are to win the conference, they are probably going to need to exceed that total.


From the weakest conference, we move to what is arguably the strongest. The Alabama Crimson Tide are, to the surprise of no one, in as the favorites to win it at odds of -165. I have a feeling that Georgia may have a say in that, but we shall see. The win total for Alabama is 11 ½, which again means that they need to go through the regular season unbeaten. I just don’t see that happening in this conference.

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