College Football Baylor Bears Betting Tips for the 2022 Season

College Football Baylor Bears Betting Tips for the 2022 Season

Given that college football teams go through a ton of changes every single season, trying to fill holes created by players aging out or leaving for the draft, it’s tough to predict how things will go. We can, of course look at teams and see how many starters they have returning as a measure, but we have seen how difficult it is for teams to stary great for an extended period of time. The Baylor Bears are coming off a fabulous season, going 12-2 overall and winning the Big 12 Conference Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl. It was a huge step forward for Dave Aranda in his second season as head coach, but can he take that next step and get his team to the playoffs in 2022? Let’s take a look at some of your NCAAF Betting options for the Bears this coming season.

Baylor 2022 NCAA Football Season Betting Guide

Bears Win Total

If we are talking solely about regular season wins, then the Bears delivered a 10-2 record in 2021. They took advantage of a down season for Oklahoma last year, while having the benefit of playing most of their big games at home. In fact, both of their regular season losses came on the road last season, which could present a problem this time around.

Baylor has a tough one early, with a road trip to face BYU coming in Week 2. They also have to go on the road to face Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia. Yes, some of those look winnable, but there are also a few that look very problematic.

It is perhaps because of that road schedule that the bookies have the win total for 2022 set at 8 for the Baylor Bears. If they can go unbeaten at home, as they did last year, that will be 6 wins on the board, which means trying to pick up 3 more from those road games. It can be done, and while a push is on the cards, I don’t think it is outside the realms of possibility for Baylor to win 9, although I see double-digit wins as a bridge too far.

Big 12 Conference Odds

Despite winning the Big 12 last season, the bookies don’t even have the Bears in among the top 3 this season. They are currently +590 to repeat as conference champions, with Oklahoma, Texas, and Oklahoma State ahead of them in the pecking order. If you like this team to make another run, then this is the time to get your wager on, as I can see those odds shortening rather quickly, especially if they go on the road in Week 2 and beat BYU. Yes, that is a non-conference game, but it might well be a sign that this team will be better on the road in 2022.

Playoffs and Beyond

All told, I think we will see the Baylor Bears fall just outside of the top 10 in the National Rankings when all is said and done. Their schedule is just tough enough that getting to the playoffs seems like a longshot at best. I think they are realistically looking at a little backward step in 2022, although they should still do enough to land a high profile bowl game.


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