2022 NCAA Football Power Rankings Betting Update Heading Into Week 6

2022 NCAA Football Power Rankings Betting Update Heading Into Week 6

We sit one week away from the halfway mark of the CFB season. This is when the best teams are weeded out from the schools stuck in mediocrity, where the great become the best. With the top 25 starting to solidify, at least 8 teams are still capable of making the playoffs this year. Check out updated power rankings for week 6 so you can keep betting against the NCAA Football Lines.

Updated Power Rankings After Week 5 of the 2022 College Football Season

25. Syracuse, 5-0

Their schedule hasn’t been challenging for the Syracuse Orange, but they’re 5-0 nonetheless. Although Wagner and UConn are cupcakes, their win over Purdue and Louisville are impressive. They are undefeated, and they have some high-value wins.

24. Cincinnati, 4-1

Other than their loss to a completely respectable Arkansas, this team has been unstoppable. The loss of some star players dropped them off the map of the AP poll, but they are proving their dominance isn’t due to just a couple of guys.

23. LSU, 4-1

This LSU team is incredibly talented, and their one-point loss to FSU game 1 doesn’t determine the talent they hold. They obliterated Mississippi State by a couple of scores and held down every other match they’ve played.

22. Mississippi State, 4-1

Although they did lose to LSU, Mississippi State’s schedule is arguably stronger. A win against Texas A&M helps their resume, but the rest of the games haven’t seemed like incredible competition. I would like to see another big win before I move them any higher.

21. Kansas State, 4-1

They may have more high-value wins than the team ahead of them, but the loss to Tulane does them no good. Beating Oklahoma is a great look, but they have proven to play down to worse teams.

20. Washington, 4-1

This team’s only loss is to a stacked UCLA roster, and they beat Stanford and Michigan State. I understand that Kansas State did beat a CFB powerhouse; Washington’s wins may be lower quality but higher in quantity.

19. Kansas, 5-0

There is a bit of a step up from the 20s to Kansas in the rankings. Houston, Iowa State, and West Virginia are solid wins, and being undefeated always helps. If any of these games were losses, I doubt they would be in the top 25.

18. TCU, 4-0

I want TCU higher, but it’s difficult to put them more than where they’re at. Beating SMU by a single score doesn’t help their case, but demolishing Oklahoma and Colorado puts them ahead of some other competition.

17. UCLA, 5-0

The UCLA Bruins could be higher if their schedule was more difficult, as I’m confident they would win those games. Their only ranked win was against Washington, and they put up a respectable 40 points.

16. BYU, 4-1

Losing to a highly touted Oregon squad is not something to lower your head for. This team has beaten 4 genuine contenders, with no FCS or bottom-feeder FBS schools on the schedule. This BYU team, if their cards are played right, could break the top 10.

15. NC State, 4-1

This team should have demolished ECU, but only won by a single point. They destroyed UConn, Charleston, and Texas Tech, but what keeps them so high in the rankings is their only 10-point loss to the top 5 Clemson.

14. Wake Forest, 4-1

Wake Forest is in a similar boat to NC State, but their game with Clemson was even closer. The 51-45 final score was really down to the final minutes, proving they can compete with the best. Their other wins don’t pop off the paper, but they were valuable nonetheless.

13. Kentucky, 4-1

If this team beats Ole Miss, they are a top 10 team. Only losing by 3 to one of the best teams in college football is impressive, and the Florida win helps too. However, the rest of the schedule is laughable, and the record does not surprise me one bit.

12. Oregon, 4-1

Okay, yes, the Georgia loss is quite drastic. Losing by 40 does not help anybody’s confidence. However, outside of that, this team is unbelievable. Demolishing Stanford, Washington State and BYU puts them ahead of the rest and seats them close to the top 10.

11. Utah, 4-1

Although their wins are nowhere near as valuable as some of the teams below, you have to respect the absolute dominance Utah upholds against the lesser competition. The offense is firing on all cylinders, putting up at minimum 30 points in every game since week 1.

10. Penn State, 5-0

This team is undefeated with fairly valued wins to start the top 10. Penn State remain the lowest of the upper echelon of undefeated teams due to the lack of ranked wins, but the games they have won have been worth the top 10 bid.

9. Ole Miss, 5-0

The only game that holds Ole Miss above Penn State is their ranked win against Kentucky. The other wins are cupcakes, but beating a top 15 team gives bonus points that the Nittany Lions do not have.

8. Tennessee, 4-0

It is quite difficult to have Tennessee this high on the rankings, but they have proven to be quite an unstoppable force. The wins against Pitt and Florida put them in the top 10, but their game against LSU will decide the team’s fate.

7. Oklahoma State, 4-0

This team blows my mind. Oklahoma State was always the OU little brother, and now they sit atop their competition as No. 7 in the rankings. This team’s lowest scoring game was 34 points, and Oklahoma State is averaging almost 48 points per game.

6. USC, 5-0

The future is in Caleb Williams’ hands as he brings the Trojans to an astounding 5-0 start. Although they don’t have any ranked wins, Stanford and Oregon State are no small feats. The offensive firepower makes this team quite a threat, and they are in genuine playoff contention.

5. Clemson, 5-0

This is where the teams really separate. Clemson has two ranked wins as an undefeated team, and they look to find even more. After an abysmal 2021 campaign by their standards, clearly it was just a fluke.

4. Michigan, 5-0

Clemson is close behind Michigan for a playoff bid, but what holds the Wolverines to such a high standard is the dominance of their wins. Clemson’s two ranked wins were within 10 points, and Michigan has 3 wins of over 40.

3. Ohio State, 5-0

This team is in a similar state to Michigan, only multiplied. OSU’s competition has been greater, and so has their margin of victory. Since week 1, the Ohio State Buckeyes have put up 45 points or more in every game.

2. Alabama, 5-0

It is impossible to put Alabama higher than the No. 1 due to last week’s outing against Arkansas. When your starting quarterback and Heisman favorite can’t finish the game and you have to rely on your running backs, it doesn’t look very good. However, with a backup quarterback, they still ran for over 300 yards as a team to secure an easy victory.

1. Georgia, 5-0

Beating Oregon, Kent State, Missouri, and South Carolina in 4 of 5 games alone would put any team in the top 15, even if they lost a game. Georgia put the cherry on top by blowing out Samford and having two of their strong opponents lose by 40.


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