Utah Utes Betting odds for the season

NCAA Football 2022 Utah Betting Analysis: Are they A Good Pick and Contenders?

We are all well aware that the 4 playoff teams each year are more than likely to come from the Power 5 conferences. Sure, there have a been a couple of teams who have upset the apple cart, but for the most part, that is how things go. With 4 playoff spots and 5 conferences, math dictates that at least 1 conference is going to miss out each year. Over the past few seasons, it has been the PAC 12 that has been hit the hardest in that regard. The Utah Utes won the PAC 12 last year, but they did not get to the postseason. Can that change in 2022 and can they be considered a serious contender for the National Championship? Check out a 2022 Utah Utes analysis so you can plan your bets against their College Football Odds.

Are the Utah Utes a Good Betting Pick and a True Contender this Season?

Utes Win Total for 2022

Last season, the Utes closed the season out with a 10-4 record. They went 9-3 in the regular season, which was good enough to get them into the PAC 12 Conference Championship Game, which they won against Oregon. They followed that up with a loss to Ohio State in one of the most thrilling bowl games we have seen in quite some time. The bookies seem to think that the Utes have a chance to deliver a similar season, as they have the Utes win total set at 9 for the coming season.

The tone could be set early for the Utes, as they start the season with a road trip to face the Florida Gators. A home game against San Diego State also looks to be a tough one, but there is tougher yet to come. They have games against Arizona State, UCLA, and Oregon all on the road. You figure they need to win 2 of those 3 games and also make sure that they turn their home stadium into a fortress if they are to take a serious run at making the playoffs. I think we are looking at 9 wins as being the high bar for the Utes this season.

Are the Utah Utes a Contender in 2022?

Before we get into talking about the Utes chances for a playoff spot and a National Championship, we first need to start with how they might do in their own conference. This is a team that is perhaps not as talented as they were last year, but I think they are still good enough to make it to the conference final. The bookies seem to agree, as the Utes are currently second favorite at odds of +238 behind the USC Trojans.  I think that is where your best chance to win some money with this team lies.

They will start the season ranked at #7 and a win on the road to Florida in Week 1 might just help them move up, depending of course on how the other games play out. Making the playoffs still feels like a longshot, especially given the recent history of the PAC 12 Conference. Still, if you do like the Utes to go all the way, you can currently get them at odds of +5600.


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