Dota 2 Betting Picks Monaspa vs Water Rune Prediction & Analysis - DPC EUW Division 2

Dota 2 Betting Picks: Monaspa vs Water Rune Prediction & Analysis – DPC EUW Division 2

The Dota Pro Circuit begins Division 2 action next week following the conclusion of Division 1 play. The Western Europe region features an exciting mix of hardened veteran players and flashy up-and-coming talent. Two chances for promotion to Division 1 hang in the balance, positioning every series to be a hard-fought contest.

At MyBookie, we are thrilled to offer the insights you need to confidently wager on this week’s coming matches. In this Dota 2 Betting article, we will be exploring the upcoming matchup between Monaspa and Water Rune Enjoyers on February 5th.

Best Dota 2 DPC EUW Division II Predictions & Betting Analysis for Monaspa versus Water Rune

Monaspa (0-0) vs Water Rune Enjoyers(0-0)

  • Monaspa Safelane

The heart and soul of the Monaspa lineup features a dangerous safelane duo of Nande and SsaSpartan. The duo have won six minor tournaments together since August of 2022. Nande’s hero versatility is a huge draft advantage for Monaspa, and they were even able to make a weak meta-hero in Phantom Assassin look good during their last tournament.

Water Rune Enjoyers made one change to their roster following their early exit from The International 2022 Qualifiers, replacing Soft Support b1ka with veteran presence y0nd. So far, y0nd and offlaner BNC secured a third-place finish together at the European Pro League tournament. Water Rune Enjoyers are currently utilizing a laser-focused hero pool for y0nd centered around Hoodwink and Dark Willow, but expect to see some new strategies from the veteran.

  • Water Rune Enjoyers Safelane

Palantimos has established himself as the go-to journeyman safelane carry player in Europe, but signs point towards a breakout season for him. Palantimos and Hard Support player Mary_y were dominant together during the European Pro League tournament, and their chemistry only continues to grow with every passing tournament.

Monaspa’s Eleven has been through many names, most notably ‘Skylark’ during Ad Finem’s legendary Major run in 2016, yet there’s no denying his wealth of knowledge. Eleven is a master of every zoo strategy hero, which leads to laning stage victories when paired with Soft Support dEsire’s mastery of Tusk.

Mid Lane

W1sh- has carved out a nice career out of consistency in the midlane, with Monaspa continuing to thrive on the back of his clean gameplay. W1sh- is historically known for his standout play on heroes like Puck, Tinker, and Templar Assassin, but he recently piloted Leshrac to five wins out of six matches at the European Pro League tournament, establishing him as a huge draft threat.

Water Rune Enjoyers’ Stojkov is just a step below W1sh-, despite currently holding a higher elo ranking.  Stojkov has yet to translate his success in public matches into competitive performances, and he lost the laning stage matchup to W1sh- the last time these two teams met.

Additional Angles

These two teams have faced off against each other in six different series since the beginning of the pre-season, with each team claiming three series victories. Monaspa possesses a slightly stronger case, however, with a wider hero pool and stronger kill average, along with individual matchup advantages in all three lanes. Thus, expect Monaspa to emerge from this budding rivalry victorious on Sunday.

Final Prediction: Monaspa 2-1 Water Rune Enjoyers


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