Top VALORANT Matches to Bet On Champions 2022 Upper Bracket Final, and Lower Bracket Semifinal

Top VALORANT Matches to Bet On: Champions 2022 Upper Bracket Final, and Lower Bracket Semifinal

Mybookie is back with free eSports Betting predictions for two matches at VALORANT Champions 2022 on Friday, September 16. Today, we take a look at OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD and FunPlus Phoenix vs. DRX.

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OpTic Gaming vs LOUD – VALORANT Champions 2022

OpTic Gaming and LOUD will clash on Friday, September 16, in the VALORANT Champions 2022 upper bracket finals. It will mark a rematch from the group stage, which OpTic won 2-1, albeit it wasn’t a clean performance from the North American side, who lost the first map (Breeze 7-13), before reverse-sweeping the Brazilian side with 13-10 on Fracture and 13-3 on Pearl.

Since that win, OpTic have played just two more series, beating Team Liquid (2-1) and XSET (2-1) in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Even though OpTic have now won four straight games, they haven’t been very dominant in either of them.

Notably, OpTic also dropped a map against BOOM Esports in the group stage, and they could’ve easily lost to Team Liquid in the first round of the playoffs. Yet the closest series happened two days back when OpTic edged past XSET despite trailing 4-8 on Haven. So while OpTic are getting wins in, they have not shown the dominant form you would expect from the current favorites to win the title.

That’s not to say that LOUD have been playing much better, but they have shown more since the group stage. In groups, LOUD won two series against ZETA DIVISION and lost the aforementioned clash with OpTic, which wasn’t particularly impressive.

But LOUD have since won against Leviatan (2-0) and even beat DRX (2-0). Admittedly, their series against DRX was close and could’ve ended the other way, but the fact that LOUD not only looked competitive against DRX but also won the bout proves that they might be stronger than what the current odds suggest.

OpTic Gaming are a more established brand than LOUD and if they play at 100%, OpTic should win. Still, we have yet to see that side of OpTic this tournament, and unless they improve overnight, this should be a very winnable match for the Brazilian squad.

Prediction: LOUD to win

FunPlus Phoenix vs DRX – VALORANT Champions 2022

FunPlus Phoenix and DRX will play a rematch from the first round of the playoffs, which DRX won 2-0 with 19-17 on Ascent and 13-5 on Breeze. As seen, DRX closed out the series in a dominant fashion, but they arguably should have lost on Ascent, so it’s not like FPX didn’t have a chance to win that game.

Since that loss, FunPlus Phoenix beat Leviatan (2-0) and edged past XSET (2-1), which is nothing to sneeze at. Still, It was an incredibly close series, so it’s not like FPX deserve a tag as one of the top teams in the playoffs.

DRX, on the other side, lost against LOUD in the upper bracket semi-finals with 11-13 on Breeze and 6-13 on Haven. DRX led 9-3 after the first half on Breeze and could have easily locked in a W on the first map, yet they choked and gave away what seemed like a sure win.

Their slip-up on Monday should make you question DRX’s ability to replicate what they’ve produced in the first round and beat FunPlus Phoenix. But just like DRX, FPX have had some shaky showings since that meeting, so it seems like the balance of power has remained the same. DRX to defeat FunPlus Phoenix for the second time looks like an easy choice.

Prediction: DRX to win

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