Australia Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Australia Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Written by on August 2, 2022

The Australians haven’t played great at the World Cup. The Aussies have made it to the knockout stage just once. The magical moment happened in 2006. But although the Australians have made just a single Round of 16 in their WC history, Australia has made the World Cup in the last three cycles. Is this the year Australia makes their second knockout stage appearance? See below for FIFA World Cup Odds analysis for Australia as well as a prediction as to whether the Australians make it to the Round of 16.  

Australia Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Australia Odds to Win the FIFA Qatar World Cup

  • Australia +26000 

The Aussies don’t boast a ton of talent. Australia is an okay team for their region, but it’s tough to see Australia hanging with nations like Costa Rica, the United States, and Mexico, the three top squads from CONCACAF. 

If you can’t beat CONCACAF teams, you have no shot against European powers like France and Denmark, two of the Australians opponents in Group D.

Even if the Aussies manage a surprising move to the knockout stage, the Australians won’t have a shot in the Round of 16. The team isn’t good enough. Even at +26000, the Aussies are a pass to win the World Cup.

Why Australia will move to the next round

Australia won’t win the World Cup. But they might play well enough to stamp their ticket to the knockout stage. The Aussies can surprise enough for draws versus Denmark and France.

If that happens, Australia must only beat Tunisia to march into the Round of 16. Although not a great soccer team, Australia should beat Tunisia.

Why Australia won’t move to the next round

The Aussies will struggle versus Denmark and France. The Danes are loaded with quality players, including one of UEFA’s best midfielders, Christian Eriksen. 

Eriksen will control the match versus Australia. The Aussies have no chance of keeping it close against the French. 

Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema will destroy Australia’s defense. There’s a good chance France beats the Aussies by at least 3 goals. So whether Australia beats Tunisia or not, it won’t matter. 

Final Analysis – Australia will struggle in Group B

Australia boasts two UEFA European League players. Real Sociedad goalie Mathew Ryan plays for Australia.

Forward Awer Mabil plays for Cadiz. Everyone else on Australia’s roster plays for either a team in Australia, or a lower level European League squad.

The roster isn’t good enough to hang with France or Denmark. The French and the Danish are good enough to win the World Cup. France is the third favorite.

Denmark offers +2800 odds, which proves how much faith oddsmakers and players have in the Danes. Neither France nor Denmark will give Australia breathing room. 

Australia may even struggle versus Tunisia. Anyway we look at it, Australia is in tough. The Aussies won’t come close to making it to the knockout stage. 


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