Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Group D Games to Bet On

Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Group D Games to Bet On

Written by on October 11, 2022

A couple of teams with zero chance of winning the World Cup drew into Group D. Australia and Tunisia have no shot of taking home the WC trophy. But the Aussies could surprise a couple of the favorites in the group. France is second choice to win the World Cup. The 2018 victors will be looking for their third title in the past seven World Cup cycles. Denmark is the tournament’s top underdog play. What are the Group D matchups that should be on every soccer handicappers radar? See below for the Group D games you should consider betting as well as free FIFA World Cup Betting picks. 

2022 FIFA World Cup Group D Calendar Rating Best Games to Bet

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Group D

  • France 
  • Australia 
  • Denmark
  • Tunisia

France vs Australia

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 2:00 pm ET 
  • TV/Streaming: Fox 

Why should you bet this match?

Of the two predicted also-rans in Group D, Australia projects as the better team. The Aussies have enough talent if not to scare France, at least to keep a loss to a single goal.

Australia won’t do much in this match. The Aussies will play a conservative game, either hoping to frustrate France into making a mistake for a counter attack goal, or to force a draw.

Either way, it won’t work. Mbappe and Benzema are two of the top forwards in the world. The pair will find a way to break down Australia’s defense.

France may not beat the Aussies by multiple goals. But the French will win the match. 

France vs. Australia Pick: France 

France vs Denmark

  • When: Saturday, Nov. 26 at 11:00 am ET 
  • TV/Streaming: FS1

Why should you bet this match?

The most important match in Group D happens when Denmark throws down against France. Neither team will handle the heat well. Both teams boast solid enough players to win the match.

On Denmark’s side, few players are as talented as Christian Eriksen. The 30-year-old Man United player has 2 assists in 8 games for the Red Devils. More important than stats is Erkisen’s ability to control the flow of the match. 

Soccer handicappers are well aware of how talented and deep France is. The French are loaded at every level.

Denmark and France recently played a Nations League match. The Danes blasted France 2-0. Benzema didn’t play but Mbappe did. No doubt, France will be tighter in this, but the Danes seem like the more cohesive bunch. Denmark pulls off the upset win.  

France vs. Denmark Pick: Denmark  

Australia vs Denmark

  • When: Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 10:00 am ET 
  • TV/Streaming: TBD

Why should you bet this match?

If Denmark does beat France, they must prevent the bounce versus Australia. It wouldn’t be the first time a favored World Cup team underperformed four days after dominating a rival that was supposed to beat them.

If our predictions are correct, Denmark may play their worst match of the World Cup when they take on the Australians. The Aussies will be all out to knock out favored France and secure second in Group D.

Australia will fight hard, but will fall short of a victory. Denmark plays well enough for a draw. 

Australia vs Denmark Pick: Draw  


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