Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Options Five Picks to Wager On

Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Options: Five Picks to Wager On

Written by on October 10, 2022

In less than 6 weeks, the best soccer nations in the world descend upon Qatar in the Middle East for the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament. Heading into the World Cup, five teams have solidified their positions as the nations to beat. Brazil and France are the top three teams to play based on odds. Future World Cup handicappers have grown chilly on England’s chances. See below for updated World Cup odds to win and an FIFA World Cup Betting Odds analysis. 

Soccer Update: Top 5 Betting Choices for the Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

World Cup Update Top 5 Betting Choices – Overlay, Underlay, or Fair Odds?

In their two matches in September, Brazil rolled. The games were international friendlies, but the Brazilians didn’t mess around, dominating Ghana 3-0 and blasting Tunisia 5-1.

Tite’s squad appears ready for a deep World Cup run. Not only that, but Brazil should be one of the teams most use to the heat. The odds on Brazil are fair. 

WC To Win Odds Analysis: Fair 

Unlike Brazil, France hasn’t played as well in their September World Cup friendly matches. On Sep. 22, the French beat Austria 2-0. 

But in their second match, France couldn’t hang with an excellent Denmark squad. The French lost by 2 goals in an 0-2 match. 

Not only that, but France could struggle in the Qatar heat. The French offer decent enough odds for a look, but right now, they’re tough to back because it feels like a lot is going against the defending champions.  

WC To Win Odds Analysis: Underlay 

England had a couple of Nations League matches in September. The English didn’t perform all that well in either. 

The English lost by a goal, 1-0, versus Italy. In the second Nations League match, England drew 3-3 versus Germany.

Giving up 3 goals to Germany is something England might be able to correct. The bigger issue is accepting less than +700 odds on a team that doesn’t have a true midfielding passer.  

WC To Win Odds Analysis: Underlay

Like fellow South American contender Brazil, Argentina took their September FIFA international friendly matches seriously.

The Argentinians beat both Honduras and Jamaica by 3-0 scores. Unlike England, Argentina is loaded with passing forwards. 

Both Messi and Lautaro Martinez can get it done as far as passing is concerned. Argentina’s backline is also as solid.

Considering their World Cup changes and their odds, Argentina is the best play on the board. No doubt, Argentina can beat rival Brazil. Qatar’s heat should flatter the Argentinians while it hurts both the French and the English. The current +690 odds on Argentina to win the WC are overlaid. 

WC To Win Odds Analysis: Overlay  

Because Spain is a European squad, their odds don’t necessarily make the Spanish an overlay. But it does make them playable.

Spain will have trouble dealing with the Qatar heat. But outside of the heat, Spain should be okay. On paper, the Spanish have as much of a shot of winning the World Cup as France or England.

Also, unlike France and England, Spain has played well at the Nations League. In their last couple of Nations League matches, thee Spanish fell to Switzerland in a 2-1 match but bounced back in a 1-0 victory over Portugal. Spain offers fair odds to win the World Cup. 

WC To Win Odds Analysis: Fair


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