Iran Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Iran Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Written by on May 31, 2022

Iran will head to the Qatar World Cup one of the tournament’s longest shots. Most don’t believe Iran scores a single goal much less scores enough goals to make it to the Round of 16. But although every soccer handicapper on the planet is against Iran marching to the knockout stage, it makes sense to handicap this underrated squad. Check out Iran’s FIFA World Cup Odds analysis, and a prediction as whether or not the Iranians make it to final sixteen. 

Iran Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Iran Odds to Win the FIFA Qatar World Cup

  • Iran +75000

+7500 odds means that for every $10 you wager on Iran to win the World Cup, you’d get back $760. For every $100 you bet on Iran, you’d make $75,000 in profit. 

But just because Iran would pay a fortune if they won the World Cup, it doesn’t mean Iran offers overlay odds. The fact of the matter is that the true odds of Iran winning the World Cup are closer to +100,000 than +75,000.

Why? A lot of things would have to happen to other teams, to much better teams, for Iran to win the WC. 

Not only is Iran far from challenging World Cup favorites like England, Brazil, France, Spain, and Argentina, but they shouldn’t beat second-tier squads like Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Even third-tier teams like Denmark, Uruguay, and Croatia should dust Iran. So although the odds are enticing, they don’t make Iran an overlay. In fact at +7500, Iran is an underlay. 

Why Iran will move to the next round

Just because Iran offers underlay odds to win the World Cup, it doesn’t mean they don’t have any shot of making it to the knockout stage. The Iranians are the top qualifying team from the AFC. 

The AFC includes teams like Southern Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. Teams in the AFC aren’t horrible. So Iran could surprise during the group stage.  

Why Iran won’t move to the next round

Iran landed in a tough group. The Iranians must face the United States, a solid squad, and England. 

Even the fourth team in the group, Wales, Scotland, or the Ukraine, should give Iran trouble. Any way we look at it, Iran, although a good team, is up against in Group B. 

Final Analysis – Iran won’t escape Group B

The Iranians have a decent shot of finishing third in Group B. Finishing third means Iran doesn’t get to play past their group matches.

The problem for Iran is that they must beat both the United States and England. The U.S. will field one of their very best World Cup teams.

England is second choice to win the WC. So the English shouldn’t fall to Iran. If the fourth team in the group is the Ukraine, expect Iran to lose all three matches.

If the fourth team is Wales or Scotland, Iran will have a chance to finish third. Either way, the Iranians are a bad bet to make it to the knockout stage.  


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